Okan Buruk: Considering strengthening offensive lines – TRT Spor


Buruk made the statement at a press conference after the match at Ataturk Olympic Stadium.

Burg, who opened his press conference after remembering the death of Kezvan Ozbek, the mother of club president Dursun Ozbek, said: “We mourn the mother of President Dursun Ozbek with mercy. Yesterday was a sad day for us. Today was the funeral. May God have mercy on us. condolences to the family of” Said.

Four minutes into the game, Haris Seferovic mentioned the positions he could not evaluate, and the yellow-red team manager said:We started the game with a very clear goal position. So he would have reflected very differently in terms of confidence if he had won 1-0. I was going to throw it away with the early position I left last week. It was a nightmare until the very end of the first half. There were more pass errors, turnovers, missing legs and wrong choices than I have ever seen. He said.

Okan Buruk said he saw another Galatasaray after half-time and said:

“In the second half Galatasaray were very different. We dominated the match in the 20-25 minute section and got into a very clear goal position but could not find a goal. Won ‘section. Winning away is of course good. The ongoing humidity has also had a negative effect on the players. We are experiencing the negative effects of being in August in terms of performance. “But overall it should be better. , came Galatasaray who scored more goals.We had a lot of chances today, but our number of goals was a lot.Very low.”


“Considering reinforcing the attack force”

Okan Buruk said he wants to transfer versatile players in the offensive zone.

Burg said he had been in contact with Argentinian footballer Mauro Icardi. “We’re looking at adding to the offensive line. There’s a need. If we can find a player with more versatility than what we have, Icardi’s name is mentioned. He’s a very important player. I don’t know if he will leave his team.. club or if he will come to Turkey. I made that assessment.

In response to the comment that Kerem Aktürkoğlu is intangible, Okan Buruk used the following statement:

“Kerem is a very important and valuable player for Galatasaray. He was one of the best players last season. He is a national player. He will play for both Turkish football and Galatasaray for a long time. Kerem works hard and does all the training correctly.He did a good job at the training camp at the beginning of the season.”The game should not be judged by Kerem alone. Once the team is complete, the performance of the players will improve.” I think Kerem will perform better, too. Higher.”

Burg also praised the performance of Bafetimbi Gomis, who has scored two goals for Galatasaray in three games this season. “Gomis scored a very good goal. He is a very important player for us as a character. .” He said.

Burg said he would like to evaluate new signing Dries Mertens as a striker back, but he could also play on the left flank if he is physically ready.

“Nelson is very happy to be here.”

Galatasaray coach Okan Burg says Danish defender Victor Nelson, who has been named in Spain’s Sevilla side, is happy in Turkey.

Noting that Nelson’s move to Sevilla has ended, Burg said:

“The transfer window is a very difficult one. Players who come to you put pressure on teams and other positions. Players who are offered a transfer want to leave and when they can’t go they become depressed.We will be more comfortable.The process related to Nelson Yes, he loves Galatasaray very much. He is very happy to be here.” maybe.” he said.

Okan Buruk added that the main formation in the match will be 4-2-3-1, but the game can also experiment with different formations.