Okan Buruk announces the name discussed in the transfer


In Galatasaray’s friendly match, Italian Serie A team drew 1-1 with Salernitana.

Okan Buruk officially announced the transfer negotiations in a post-match statement.

Yellow-Kırmızılılar coach transfer work; “”Midtsjö is one of the players we want to list. Negotiations are ongoing. I’m meeting another one or two players. I don’t know the latest situation because of the tempo of the game. It will be revealed in a day or two. We will do what we can in 10 days. I won’t leave it until the last day. ”

28-year-old Norwegian player Fredrik Midtsjö is playing at AZAalkmaar.

The midfielder, whose contract with the team will expire next season, provided 6 assists in 41 games of the team in the 2021/2022 season.

Galatasaray coach Okan Buruk said he was happy to see the team’s development clearly.


The coach of the yellow-red team said he was against triple defense in the match that ended 1-1 and used the following statement:

“I researched the games my opponents played the day before. Few teams play triple defense in the league, but I researched how to respond and how to get a position. In the field yesterday. I’m most pleased with their tactical understanding, their wishes and aspirations, the pressure they put on their opponents and the way we entered. For this I Will be very happy. The next match will be against Fiorentina. We will continue to do the same. Serious. You can clearly see that the players are physically stronger. This makes me happy. We’re out of a busy work schedule. We’ll get rid of that fatigue and become a more dynamic and explosive team. “It’s true that it makes me happy. Academy players are on the field. That. Like them, I made and played Team A, and I’m happy to see 6-7 young players on the field. “

Burg said he looked closely at his team physically and intensively, “I think it’s also important to have an attitude towards each other in the camp, relationships, sitting more at the table and sharing outside the field. I think this is important to me. It’s increasing every minute. Performance in the field is even more tactical. It’s not finished yet, but it’s not finished yet. I think we are in good physical and mental condition. It’s good. Even in a friendly match, we want to create a team that we want to win. We will reflect that in the league. ” He said.

Emphasizing that the president and board did their best for Galatasaray, the coach of the Yellow-Red team continued his words:

“Our president and board are doing their best to make the transfer that fans want. This is an opportunity for the Galatasaray community. They leave their business and think only about Galatasaray. This sacrifice Very important. Transfers are important, but not all players can be brought in. Your request is not enough. Even if they give what they want financially, Turkey is their first choice Not. It’s a disadvantage to us that we’re not in Europe. We’re having a hard time getting exactly what we want. Good thing, we’ll tell me when they arrive I want a player who is confident that they will contribute to us. An infrastructure player is playing. A football player who has little time to play today. Survive like this. Become stronger with the players who came. I We trust the players we have, but we do too. We will add players who will contribute directly to us. Midfield, Frontside In the future, we will have at least 3-4 players on our team. Need to add. We are aware of it. “

Okan Buruk said there may be a transfer opportunity in the future, “This week is important to us. We will do what we can do in about 10 days. If we can’t, the transfer will be on September 7th. I won’t leave it until the final day, but there may be a variety of options. Maybe never. Players who aren’t expecting may have a chance. In the missing place. I would like to add one or two players soon. It is possible, but on the other hand, I am trying to prepare the team and make the most of it. I am happy with all the players. ” I evaluated it.

“I think we have a strong hand on Turkish rotation.”

Galatasaray coach Burg said his hand was strong when it came to the rotation of Turkish players.

Burak, who evaluated the performance of the Turkish players in the match against Salernitana, said, “Barsh Alpar Yurmaz, Emre Kılmaz and Ogulcan Chalayan were very strong. All three are ready for wing options. This is a pleasure. It was much better when the league started. It was good for us in the Turkish rotation. Today Tyran played well. Hamza Akman is ours. It’s an option. Metehan Baltachi is a young soccer player, but he plays defensively without grinning. I think he’s Kajimkan. Karatash is doing well. He says he has a strong hand when it comes to Turkish rotation. I think. We need to improve. “

Mr. Burg pointed out that he could not give some players the chance they wanted in a friendly match, saying, “The number of matches was prepared in advance, but we may have been able to play more matches. I don’t know. I was able to give more time to the players. There were players. I found that there were expectations from the players and there were many matches. It was below or above expectations. I don’t want to evaluate it. But the players are doing their best so far. Squad. “He said.

Luyindama’s situation

Okan Buruk said he will decide to transfer defenders in response to the performance of defender Christian Luindama, who spent the last season on a loan.

Burg said he worked with Luyindama for the first time, saying, “Athletes are our values. We want to make the most of them. I have never worked with Luyindama. Practice and Meet him in both friendly matches .. We were thinking of strengthening the area but haven’t decided at this time. Luyindama is late for the league. It’s over. He’s one day I came here late. I want to meet all the players. Then we decide. “He said and concluded.