Oil negotiations between the US and Venezuela: looking for an alternative to Russia

Details of a meeting with oil-rich Venezuela, where the United States is sitting at a table as part of an attempt to isolate Russia, have been leaked. During the meeting, the United States sought to learn about Venezuela’s stance of looking for alternative oil sources in the event of an oil embargo on Russia. It was said that no agreement was reached at the meeting.


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Details of the talks between the United States, which is trying to isolate Russia by Ukrainian operations, and Venezuela, which is rich in oil and its closest ally in Latin America in Moscow, have been revealed.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro also attended a meeting with the US delegation to Caracas. At the meeting, discussions were held on easing sanctions if Venezuela joined the anti-Russian front, but no agreement was reached due to the “excessivist demands” of both sides.

According to the newspaper wall; the first high-level bilateral meeting between the two countries was held for many years at the official residence of President Miloflores in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. The US delegation was chaired by Juan Gonzalez, a Latin American adviser to the White House, and James Story, the US ambassador to Venezuela, who was appointed to Venezuela for the first time in ten years last year. On the Venezuelan side, Vice President Delcy Rodriguez attended the meeting with Maduro.

“USA Eyes of Venezuelan Petroleum”

Washington sources told Reuters that US delegations are trying to understand how ready Venezuela is from Russian President Vladimir Putin during the meeting. Therefore, the United States also sought to learn Venezuela’s stance on exploring alternative oil resources in the case of an oil embargo on Russia.

“Maduro defended Ukrainian operations”

Sources told authorities demanded Washington’s guarantees at the conference, including free elections, extensive reforms to promote oil production in Venezuela, imports into foreign companies, and condemnation of Caracas’ invasion of Ukraine. Three sources familiar with the matter said Maduro supported Russia’s Ukrainian operation during the meeting.

“SWIFT will be provided”

According to the report, US authorities have offered to negotiate to allow Venezuela to temporarily use the SWIFT system in return for these guarantees. Maduro said he would like to lift sanctions on Venezuela’s oil exports and lift sanctions on him and other Venezuelan officials.

Therefore, Maduro also demanded that Citgo Petroleum, a US partner of the Venezuelan state-owned oil company PDVSA, whose account was frozen, be returned to state control. The U.S. also wanted to release six former Citgo executives imprisoned in Venezuela, but said they did not offer in return for the release of Maduro’s close ally and U.S. imprisoned businessman Alex Saab. Said.

Sources also suggested that the request for the meeting came from the Maduro government. Venezuela has reportedly offered to meet with the United States through Denton, a multinational law firm that previously represented it for some debt negotiations.

No agreement has been reached, but a second meeting is planned. Right-wing opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who was reportedly recognized by the United States as a “Venezuelan leader,” was also informed at the last Saturday morning of the meeting.

America also meets Saudi Arabia

Axios, a political broadcaster in the United States, said the US government has begun negotiations with Venezuela and Saudi Arabia on oil imports. He wrote that President Joe Biden is planning a visit to Saudi Arabia in the spring for this purpose.

The United States imports 10% of the crude oil and petroleum products it currently uses from Russia. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced on Sunday that US lawmakers are investigating much stronger sanctions against Russia, including a complete ban on Russia’s use of gas and oil in the United States.