Nuwakaeme: Happy and want to stay here-Trabzonspor (TS) News

The Israeli teams Hapoel Lana and Papoel Beersheba, who moved to Trabzonspor in 2018 after playing for Romania’s Petrol Luprojeschti and Universitatea Cruz, have finished their fourth season at the Burgundy Blue Club. .. A Nigerian soccer player who scored 12 goals on the Black Sea team after a statue was erected in Trabzon in the past few months and this season has made a special statement to the Irras News Agency about the championship process and his future on the team. Announced.

“It’s not a coincidence championship because we fought hard for it.”

Nuwakaeme, who began his speech saying that he was worthy of the championship, said, “In this city, these people and fan groups are directly involved in football and feel Trabzonspor. How much they love Trabzonspor, I know how much I want. For Trabzonspor to win. They are doing their best to win the match we lost. “They are trying to do their best. This year’s champion The championship is not the one we came by chance. We fought hard for it. We really deserved this championship. “

“The Konyaspor match was our break match.”

“In fact, it’s not easy to say,’This is the end and you’re the champion,'” said Nuwakaeme. We played inside. When we played that match, we were in 1st place and Konyaspor was in 2nd place. I fought for the cup with us. “After winning that match, we believed we could really be the champion. It was a very important match,” he said.

“There is a big difference between 2018 Nuwakaeme and 2022 Nuwakaeme.”

He said it was a big difference from Nuwakaeme, who came to Trabzonspor in 2018, and now an experienced player said, “I saw a lot, learned a lot, and had a chance to experience a lot.” .. I learned a lot here, “he said.

“I think I was born for football.”

Nuwakaeme says she is a work-oriented person and says, “I try to live very straight for the rest of the season because I usually like to train from home and then go home after training. I am for this job. I think I was born. Trabzon is a city of football. If you are in Trabzon, you know you are here to play football. I am trying to work in the best possible way. Here So I don’t do much in my private life to avoid situations like waiting on the bench or being unable to help the team by taking actions that interfere with my work. Shopping and training are over. I take a rest at home. I don’t have much private life. “

“I’m happy here and want to stay”

Anthony Nwakaeme said he was very accustomed to Trabzon and was happy in the city, emphasizing that he wanted to stay on the team and continued:

“I’ve been here for four years. I’m used to here. I’m used to the people here. I’m used to everyone. People treat me very well. Of course, you One of the most fascinating things. Happiness on the street is that people appreciate the football you play and your contribution to the team. Seeing that makes me very happy. Sometimes people may have the wrong idea about you because I’m not someone. My favorite football talks to me. I always do what people do for me Say you should talk more by mouth. Things should be shown, they should say. My this is my situation. Negotiations here continue between Trabzonspor, me and the president. Of course, I Is happy here and wants to stay here. There is negotiation and we will see what happens at the end of the negotiation. “

“Abdullah Abju is a wonderful person.”

Recalling that he has a very good relationship with Trabzonspor Technical Director Abdullah Avc, a 33-year-old soccer player said, “We have a very good relationship with our coach. He is a very good person, He’s also a very smart person. You know he’s a great person. What should he do before each match? “He knows what his opponent can do and what happens in the match, one at a time. He is the one who teaches me. I am very happy with him. I was very happy to have the whole city together in the championship. “

“I’m the last person to ask about money.”

Nuwakaeme said, arguing that love and respect are much more important than money:

“I want to convey the following message to the fans. Nuwakaeme loves you, Nuwakaeme loves this team. I hear people talking about me. Sometimes it’s good. For example, people tell me. It’s one of the things,’When the ball comes to your feet, the fans stand in the stadium, and that’s it. People know you can do something. The actor hears it. It’s really great to be able to do it. It makes me happy, but there it’s as important as money because I’m not such a person. Love and respect are much more important than money. I I know. “I’m the last person to be impressed with money. I want people to know it.”

Congratulatory song

Nuwakaeme said of the song she played at the celebration, “A friend made it in Nigeria. It was written by a friend who lives in the same town. If you pay attention, the song is called Trabzonspor Champion. We will be the champions. I had a friend of mine many years ago, “I thought he should sing a song and then go on stage with this song after becoming a champion.”