Nursing home residents spend their days full of sports and art.

Melek Nişancı Nursing Home has 40 people over the age of 60 who have witnessed both happiness and sorrow in their journey of life.

Nursing home residents who chat with their peers and pay attention to their employees to feel the warmth of their families are interested in handicrafts, reading books, participating in sports and travel.

Residents of nursing homes who form a bocce team and compete against each other will also participate in the Peace League.

Among the residents of the nursing home is Hiroko Nakae, a 91-year-old retired teacher with dementia who has opened a Turkish language school in Japan and has been teaching for many years to spread Turkish to her country.

After the death of her husband, Mehmet Seifettin Chorok, a Japanese woman who was left alone and was placed in a nursing home because she was unable to meet her needs due to illness continues to live with her peers.

Melek Nişancı Nursing Home Manager Fatma Nurdan Avcı told Anadolu Agency (AA) that she could have a good time with the residents of the Nursing Home and meet her needs, an infectious disease.

Our purpose is to make them happy

“Our purpose is to make them happy.”

Avcı said he was doing his best to ensure that the elderly were comfortable within the Kovid-19 strategy, and continued: There are handicrafts and sports activities, and I belong to the general bureau. There is a bocce team to play in the Peace League. In the Bocchi League, you can go to different cities, meet, meet and interact with organizations. They have a good time and are happy. Our purpose is to please and make them happy. This is called the “second spring”. This is called the “second spring”. We aim to enable them to lead a happy and peaceful life. .. ”

Avcı also stated that he was also interested in the health of the elderly and offered the opportunity to meet with hospital psychologists and people in need: “A society that does not care for the elderly is destined. As a Turkish society, we are a society that cares for the elderly. Many elderly people choose to come here. They want to meet their peers in a nursing home at this place. I We are trying to make that happen. Where they spend their time and feel safe. ”Used the phrase.

67-year-old Emriye Yılmaz, one of the residents of a nursing home, said she has been here for 2.5 years and officers are working to make them happy.

Everything is on our way

“Everything comes to us”

Yılmaz stated that they loved them so much, “This place is quiet in winter. I go out, walk, shop. Eat meals and snacks. With friends. I sit and chat. I make handicrafts. I had a college student. I am waiting for my family and neighbors to come to the store. “We are not currently accepting visits. On Friday, Someone wants to come, read and participate. The municipalities and the principal gave me a women’s day. If I’m not satisfied I won’t stay here. We’re happy here. “He Said.

65-year-old Meriem Chill emphasized that she was happy with the work here, “I pray for everyone here. There is nothing more. We sleep comfortably, Pray. Everything reaches our feet. We went to the last lake and drank tea. We make handicrafts and chat. God is willing to them. I hope you get it. ”

Erdogan Evelen also said he has been here for three years, “officials and officials are very interested in us. They try to solve our problems and problems. I. We do handicrafts, and as the technique improves, so does our psychology. We used phrases.