Nuri Shahin’s Commentary by Gurai Vral-TRT Spor


Guliveral, one of the super league team Fraport TAV Antalyaspor, has released a statement early last season that he added to Gaziantep FK staff for free and extended his contract for another year with his performance.

Antalyaspor’s successful left-back player, Guliveral, said he wants to continue the successful graphics he achieved last season to the next season. “We want to continue on this basis. We will continue to maintain 80% of our staff. We have added new players such as Sonel Aidodu, Ömer Toprak and Alperan. Players will come. We are very. Team. I want to continue to grow in addition to last year. “We have very talented teachers. Have a good season with him and my precious teammates. I think we can do it, “he said.

An experienced soccer player said he was pleased to be able to extend his current contract for another year, saying, “I’m doing the right thing. The president and management wanted to extend the contract. I am happy to accept. I love both. The family of Antalya and the city of Antalya as a family. I am very happy and hopeful. I will continue here for a longer period of time, “he said. ..

He pointed out that last season started with Ersun Yanal and then continued with Nuri Shahin, and Vral said each coach had different values. Gurai Vral continued his speech as follows:

“For me, they all have a place in me. Our teacher Nuri is invaluable to us. He came from within the team but added a lot of value to us. He played us on a very different system. He adapted quickly. I look forward to the success of Dr. Nuri last season, both as a team and as a career. Have a good season. We will achieve our goals with. “


Last season, he said an early separation decision with Elson Janal had been made, and Vral said he gained momentum with the transfer that took place during the half-time period. Vral said, “We have gained momentum with the players who came in halftime last season. This may be the difference. Nuri played in a couple of systems and the team’s adaptation was decided. Everyone’s respect and affection is his respect. He was part of the team so there is no end. Everyone trusted him completely. This is also true. “It has brought success. I want to continue this,” he said. ..

The left-back player emphasized that he had a goal as a team, “We are not aiming for this in the top three in Europe. We have a goal we discussed. The important thing is to start the league well, every match. I went out with my winning password. I showed last season. This season will start like that. I hope to finish the league in the best place. ” He said.

As with last season, he said his goal was to be one of the most played players on the team, and a 34-year-old experienced player said, “I was one of the most played players last season. Take care of yourself. I’m a player who wants to play. I’m continuing to study in this direction. I’m targeting the most active players this season. I’m on the field. “

Gurai Vral said he had a good season and emphasized that it was the goal of the national team. Vral said, “We will do our best to the team and the national team will decide.

He noted that having young coaches could be an advantage for new coaches, adding that Vural is considering coaches after leaving football and hopes to increase the number.

34-year-old left-back player Gurai Vral, who joined the team early last season, played a total of 430 games in his career, scoring 32 goals and 61 assists. Vural sweated the Fraport TAV Antalyaspor jersey 35 times in the league, four times in the Ziraat Turkey Cup and once in the TFF Super Cup. Experienced players who stayed on the field for a total of 3,513 minutes experienced the joy of scoring once in the league. Gurai Vral scored a total of eight goal passes last season, six in the league and two in the cup. (DHA)