Nuri Shahin: I didn’t create another account-TRT Spor

The 6th International Conference on Sport Psychology, sponsored by the Faculty of Sport Sciences and the Association of Sport Psychology, was held from May 11th to 13th, 2022 at the Faculty of Sport Sciences and the Faculty of Law.

Dean of the AU Sports Science Department professor giving the opening speech of the parliament. Dr. Abdurrahman Aktop said the main theme of Congress was what happened during and after the pandemic.

“I care about morality and discipline.”

Antalyaspor football manager Nuri Şahin, who attended the “Athlete Psychology in Different Cultures through the Eyes of Athletes and Coaches” lecture at the convention, said: “Playing soccer on the field is the easiest part of this job. The hardest part is maintaining love and respect and managing relationships well.” Said.

Shahin continued his words:

“I personally attach great importance to morality and seriousness. These two issues are very important in our culture. They may not be so important in other cultures. The transfer process. When we met Fernando at, we talked about family relationships for two hours: “We ended up without saying a word about football. We had never talked about football, but I It can be said that we were always talking about football. As I said, part of football is the easiest for us on the field. The hardest thing is behind the camera and what happened before and after. “

Nuri Shahin, who shared memories of another transfer without a name, said: “We talked to a very famous and famous star player on the remote connection. We thanked him for his non-serious behavior and ended the meeting within two minutes. I am very important to seriousness and discipline. I’m watching. I don’t want to work. With people. ” He said.

“I didn’t see Antalyaspor as a stepping stone.”

Emphasizing that he has an important goal in Antalyaspor, Nuri Shahin said: “When I was given the coaching mission, I had never seen Antalyaspor as a springboard. I didn’t do another calculation in the background. I want to make Antalyaspor successful and to be successful in Antalyaspor. I believe this can be achieved too. I wanted good luck. Thanks to them we have a very strong bond in unity and solidarity. I am to myself and my team I am very confident. I sincerely believe that our Antalya can have great success that we cannot imagine. “ Said.

“We are in harmony with the players”

Nuri Shahin also talked about the difficulty of moving from acting to coaching with the same team. “Of course, this is a difficult situation. From a teammate’s point of view, I don’t think it was easy. But I first gathered them all and asked for a chance. I understand them well. He stated that he was doing it and that if he worked hard in unity and solidarity, he could achieve great success. Now we are working in harmony with each other. “ Said.

“My door is always open to them in all things. They know this well. I try to be there for them in all their troubles and troubles. ” Shahin said he did not mix tactics with match management.

hawk, “I don’t interfere with anyone in my business, just as I don’t interfere with the dietitian’s work and leave all the player’s dietary initiatives to him.” Said.

He said he was still in the early stages of his coaching career, and he said he benefited a lot from the past experience of coaches, especially Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s technical director, and greatly from notes and reasoning. .. He took during his acting career.

“The important thing is to work hard”

2020 Olympic World Champion National Archer Mete Gazoz, Archery Trainer Göktuğ Ergin, National Archer Yasemin Esem Anagos, National Archer Gurnaz Bushuranur Koshkun at the Conference on “Success in Unexpected Situations: Olympic Story” I participated in the panel.

At the panel, Mete Gazoz said, “Is it a burden for you to be an Olympic champion? How does that affect you?” He answered the question in good faith.

National Archer Gazoz, “At first, I felt a strain on my shoulders as if I had to win every competition I’m going to attend, but thanks to my teacher Göktuğ, this isn’t a real belief and it’s impossible for anyone. I explained. To win every tournament he participates in. I’m still working in a disciplined way. I’m doing my best. Of course. “I’m very proud to be an Olympic champion. But for me, it’s important to work in a disciplined way. I encourage everyone. I’m sure they will continue to succeed. “ He said.