Nuclear power plant statement from Ukrainian Prime Minister denies Shmyhal

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys ShmyhaliAttended the Leaders Summit entitled “Prices of Peace or Costs of War” held at the Antalya Diplomacy Forum by Video Conference.

Shmyhal; President Muhammed Basm of Niger, President Borut Pahor of Slovenia, and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stortemberg addressed the panel participants.

Shmyhal, “16. We left a day, we resist Russia. They intended to invade our country in three days. But the victory they expected did not meet them. There was also the issue of chemical and biological attacks. This is by no means true. Ukraine’s nuclear resources are also being targeted. Chernobyl has not yet been forgotten, but taking such a step I am worried. We continue to communicate with the International Atomic Energy Agency. We monitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to avoid problems at the power plant. “

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stortenberg, President Borut Pahor of Slovenia, President Mohammed Bazoum of Niger, and Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal of Ukraine are the first in a forum entitled “Reconstruction of Diplomacy” in Antalia. Participated in the summit panel as a speaker. forum.

“16. We will leave that day and resist Russia.”

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Dennis Schmihar said the world changed on February 24, 2022: “Russia, not just Ukraine, has begun to attack peaceful Ukraine from the air and on the ground. Russian President and Belarus I promised the whole world not to attack Ukraine. Given what these two leaders said, they had the goal and intention to invade our country in three days, but they expected. Victory never met them. It will never be satisfied. We will continue to protect the country. We left the 16th day, we resist Russia. 250,000 Ukraine People have returned to the country and joined our struggle. Our citizens continue to protect their lands. I would like to say this as a message. Ukrainians in Ukraine become Russian invaders It started with a free war. No one greets the Russians with flowers. The Ukrainian state has to decide for itself. NATO or the United States calls on the Ukrainians to be revolutionizing. A full-scale war was planned along with what took place in Crimea and Donbus in 2014. Despite our rights, Putin intervened and an incredibly artificial rhetoric was developed. Our country has a history of more than 1000 years. Our existence is rooted. Our rights are also recognized in Russia and there are many documents about this. “

“Our people don’t want to give up their freedom”

Emphasizing that Ukraine expects support from the international community, Shmyhal said: But it must be unsuitable in any way. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian men and women are providing military support and resisting Russian attacks. Our people do not want to give up their freedom. Russia is targeted at Ukrainian citizens. There are no cities in Ukraine that he did not attack or missiles that he did not use. Russia will not be able to occupy any of our cities. Due to this despair, they are now targeting small settlements. “

“Our country has nothing to do with kindness.”

Russia is targeting women and children, Shmyhal said: Again, tens of thousands of people were affected by the bombing. They do not stop the bombing. “Pregnant women and civilians are being used as suicide bombers,” Viklov said yesterday, which is beyond logic. The whole world saw what happened. But Russia always wants to justify its actions. They even attack the political world of our country. Our country is a multi-ethnic country. There are people of many nationalities who have lived in peace and harmony for centuries. Our country has nothing to do with Nazism. Now we need humanity. Citizens and prisoners must be relieved. We evaluated all kinds of alternatives to the humanitarian corridor. We are trying to build a corridor to provide assistance to people. I couldn’t establish order even on a fixed road. Viklov came to Antalya and visited him, informing him that these obstacles could continue. This is a heartbreaking statement. Ukrainian nuclear resources are also targeted. Chernobyl hasn’t been forgotten yet, but I’m worried about taking such a step. Communication with the International Atomic Energy Agency continues. We are following 7 and 24 to avoid problems at the power plant, “he said.

“Now is the time for joint efforts to end the suffering of the Ukrainians.”

Shmyhal said, “This is by no means correct. If Russia blames you for something, I would like to emphasize that it is carefully planned in advance,” said Shmyhal, saying that chemical and biological attacks have come to the fore. The whole world has come together to stop the Russian attack. But absolute unity is needed. Now is the time to end the suffering of the Ukrainian people through joint efforts. Together we are in this humanitarian crisis. With your help, we can thwart Shmyhal’s aggressive policies. Your country may also be under attack. Our future and fate are me. It’s in our hands. “