Not only 2nd place, but a break match!

Yellow-dark blue people who entered the recovery process under the control of Ismail Cartal, In 5 games 4 wins, 1 point The leader of the struggle, Trabzonspor, has lost 10 people. For a score of 1-1. Fenerbahce will play a league break game on Sunday. If 0054ttifak Holding, sitting in 2nd place, beats Konyaspor Between his rivals The difference will be 2. Closed last week without points Basaksehir, Besiktas, Alanya, Adana Demir It also gives a big advantage to the runner-up team.

Top 10 stats are changing
If Fenerbahce beats Konyaspor Top team in the league can not win Statistics are also off the agenda. The yellow-navy team could only beat two of the top ten nine teams before the Alanya away game. Adana Demirspor and Hatay No wins other than the top 10 Canary wants to include Konya this week in this statistic, which added Alanya last week.

first half Shut zero!
CanaryIf Konya wins the match, the very difficult fixtures Trabzon, Alanya and Konya series will end with 7 points. Fenerbahce failed to score points in these three games early in the season and the process of separating Vítor Pereira began. Not losing also means that you can have up to 6 undefeated wins in a row.

Future signature Shooting today
Fenerbahce will hold the signing ceremony for six young names, especially Ferdi and Arda.
F.Garden will hold a signing ceremony for the six young names of the staff today at 17:30. His contract expires at the end of the season. 22 year old Ferdi Optional 4-year-old loan, 21-year-old loan in Giresun Mohammed 3 years old, 17 years old Meri Truck farm He signs a new four-year contract. 17 years old shining with a contract until 2023 Arda Gurel 3, 18 years old, contract until 2024 Ertuğrul tough They will be tied to the club for another four years.15 years old who signed a 3 year contract last week Isak Vural I will also attend the ceremony. Meanwhile, the fact that goalkeeper Burke wasn’t among these names intensified the news that he was leaving.

Fenerbahce A very important match for the team … After Galatasaray wins, Konyaspor returns from the difficult Kayseri away road, scoring 3 points back from the disadvantages of two different scores and in terms of morale. It is in good condition. It is impossible for Fenerbahce to suddenly reach the desired level for the game. The 10-player Trabzonspor match should not be fooled. In that match, motivated, players earned 1 point by consuming unlimited energy. In Alaniya, away, he found the net five times, but Altay, who scored two goals, was the star of the field. If Fenerbahce wins, he will continue to race for second place. If he couldn’t win, his hope was gone.

‘Use the power of PFDK They are trying to silence
Fenerbahce The club has issued a statement on its official website regarding Ali Koç’s introduction to the PFDK. The statement recalled that at a press conference held on March 11, 2022, concerns were expressed about the unfair practices suffered by the club and a decision was made on the damage to Turkish football. “At this point, TFF managers are trying to silence our club by punishing our club, rather than answering the questions we asked on behalf of Turkish football. Fenerbahce Sports Club Despite all this, the problem we know is true We do not hesitate to go I want to repeat it in public. “We are eagerly awaiting the resolution of all these issues we have raised,” the statement said.