“No matter what happens, curiosity comes to people.”

MHP Chair Devlet Bahceli issued a statement at his party’s mayoral meeting in Antalya. In his speech, CHP Chair Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu “I have only one question. Where do you swim when you can’t cross the dam?” Baseri, who targeted him in his words, claimed that MHP had no problems with the dam. “It’s not good to be too curious. No matter what happens, you’re out of curiosity.” He said.

What happened?

Kılıçdaroğlu was a 1915 speech on criticism of the tolls on the Canakkale Bridge, targeted by Bahçeli. “If you say you don’t cross the bridge, you can jump into the sea and meet face to face.” He responded to his statement at a group meeting of his party. CHP leader, Verseri “I have only one question. Where do you swim when you can’t cross the dam?” He said.

“We are not from Chalemung politicians.”

The highlights from the statement made by Bahçeli at his party mayor’s meeting are:

“We didn’t upset or upset those who turned to MHP, while we agree with the evil CHP, where yeast is mixed with masked demons, in both worlds. . The side that lives the true dignity. “

“We have the courage to say right or wrong.

“The mayor of MHP is a sign of both humane and political character. In this regard, I thank everything. You have been blamed for difficult times. Where are you having problems? Take care everywhere. You have your dazzling service policy. “

“Our strategic goal is to maintain our current presence and win many new mayors in the next local elections. We will do this together. We will be out of our way. And never deviate from our line. “

“Our first strategic goal is to adhere to moral principles.”

“We were at a joint meeting on February 6, 2022, with our agents, the Central Executive Committee, and our Disciplinary Committee.” This is our first strategic goal. MHP makes superhuman efforts to make the Presidential Office system work in all its institutions and rules. This is our second strategic goal. “

“MHP fights for the largest number of members in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in June 2023, with the extraordinary determination that the People’s Alliance will reach a majority and Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be re-elected to amend the Constitution. -Majorly elected President. This is our third strategic goal. “

“Municipalities do not have partisanship, they shouldn’t.”

“We have no lies, bragging, counterfeiting of hope. We are MHP. Our essence is one and our words are acts. Local government administration is our country. Trust is a state of corruption. It is not written in our book. Our mayor is willing to eat fish while the city or town is suffering from a dark winter. I won’t do it. “

“Behind our mayor, there is no miserable face going on vacation or skiing while the earthquake destruction is happening in their city. We follow what our country says. Being sincere, our inside and outside is one, our night and ours aim for the love of our country, not the rule of the world. There is no discrimination in the city administration. There is no favor, no partisan, no partisan. The mayor can’t sleep peacefully until he. Makes the most suffering in his area happy. “


“CHP Chairman,’Where do you swim if you can’t get through the dam?'” He asked. “You can hear your help cry in the ballot box where we are from. You, your master, and you. Even the separatist partners of MHP clearly know that the dam is okay. MHP has the dam problem, Kılıçdaroğlu and CHP, they want to reduce it to 3%. “

“The breath of MHP is in you.”

“Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu, how do you let us go and cross the threshold of apocalyptic conscience? You talk to him and answer him. If you know the percentage, the cross from the Bosphorus. On the one hand, Kılıçdaroğlu wants to lower the election threshold to 3%, while our party has dropped to about 7% of the CHP administration. Breath is on your neck. “

Road to Babacan and Caramoor

“This cheesy, uncaring Babakan calls the Turkish police a torturer. The Gillette Party is sneaky and dishonest. Caramo Olmo also told us,” God gives us wisdom. I hope you will. “It’s tougher than in the past.”

“Keeping people alive is about permanence. The nation lives on its viability. Can I say I ate cheaply and bought expensively without surviving? It means doing politics without surviving. Is there? Our saint’s ancestors have been hungry for days. “Where there is a dispute, disgrace has fallen there.” The Gillette Alliance has turned into a desert as a head. The Ataturk party has terrorized. It is collapsing with the organization. The CHP chair is in a state of panic and fear. His consciousness is lost. One day he denies what he says, the next day. “

“We are open today and tomorrow.”

“When inflationary monsters raise their heads, they are happy. When the number of unemployed increases, they become euphoric. When budgets are scarce, they celebrate. When the trade deficit increases, they I can’t help laughing. They don’t. “Don’t worry if Turkey gets injured. Whatever they do is useless. You can’t be a man only once. I will find it today tomorrow.

“Without sugar we will expand the beet cultivated area. Without oil we will expand the sunflower cultivated area. Still not thank anyone. We are one of the world’s leading homegrown countries. Turkey Agricultural products are sufficient. The war between Russia and Turkey has cost the world a great deal, and our country has been affected by it. “