News just before Galatasaray … A flash statement from Galatasaray’s Trent coach before the match in Barcelona! “Especially our goalkeeper …”


“Barcelona is currently one of the top five teams in the world.”

The Spanish coach said that playing against a quality team like Barcelona individually is another thing: “But our goal is definitely to move on to the next round. This is also the understanding of the game. People who are not familiar with Barcelona in Turkey after playing with us. “We need to fairly evaluate the team’s fight against Barcelona. I said before. As such, Barcelona is currently one of the top five teams in the world. “He said.

“Playing together can be the success we want.”

Domènec Torrent recalled that they personally played for a better team, saying, “At Besiktas, there wasn’t really a situation to play fullback much earlier. To prepare, add more fullback. Pulled in. Counter. We play against a team that we personally say is good. “We need to be more careful to play together. If we play together, we want. You can be successful. This means that in the world they accept to lag behind when playing against Barcelona, ​​so we need to be prepared to experience some difficult moments. . “

“When our fans are with us, we will be much stronger.”


Trent notes that the yellow-red fans have helped them a lot, saying, “I never speak in percentages. It’s possible. Of course, because we have our own pitch, ours. Fans help us a lot. Even in the match against Besiktas, they helped us a lot when the team struggled in the last 15 minutes. They definitely support us a lot tomorrow. It’s difficult for Barcelona, ​​but the defense needs to be perfect. You have a chance to score for sure later. But in a match against Barcelona, ​​you have to play well from the very beginning. Later, to take advantage of some opportunities. Our supporters are very powerful. We can overcome these episodes, especially with the support of our fans, at particularly bad times. Is experiencing a difficult time. We believe we will achieve results. We want to spend tomorrow with the support of our fans. “

“Arda Turan is cabled, so outside the staff, we’ll discuss Haril’s situation again with the doctor.”

When asked about the situation of the injured player, Domènec Torrent said, “Only Arda Turan is off the team because of the injury. Haril was hot yesterday, so I need to talk to my doctor again. Other than that, The whole team is ready to play. “

“If I were in Galatasaray for the next three, four, or perhaps five years, it would be very beautiful to me.”

When asked, “Do you have a dream to run in Barcelona in the future?” Trent said, “I’m very happy with Galatasaray right now. It’s great to be here for the next 3, 4, and 5. Plans after Galatasaray. I’m not thinking. “

“Open games won’t be that smart for Barcelona”

Domènec Torrent, who provided information on the field of the match, said, “Of course, open play with Barcelona is not very wise. It is very important to work together as a team. Playing individually is You can get into trouble. Like the first match against Barcelona, ​​”I’m thinking of playing. This game is like a final for us,” he said.

“We have a very important match ahead. I’m talking about the match, not the player.”

An experienced coach answered a Romanian journalist’s question about Maltan and Sicardau, “I’m talking about Romanian players because you’re from Romania, but because there’s a very important game in front of us. , Talking about the game. Talking about the players. Choose from 28 players. “We need a team. Therefore, they may play. You should always exclude 5 people. Then you need to exclude 5 people. You have to choose the best team for the match, “he concludes.