New statement from 11 CHP Metropolitan Mayors

The CHP municipality has issued a new statement calling for government support, saying it will increase transportation due to soaring fuel prices.

Over the past few months, 11 CHP metropolitan areas have issued statements one after another, calling for some tax and subsidy reductions.

Today, another statement was issued by these municipalities.

CHP’s 11 metropolitan mayors called on the government to spend more time on public transport due to rising fuel prices and demanded a new support package.

“It’s very easy to avoid this blessing.”

Mayor of Istanbul Ekrem0054 mamoğlu, Mayor of Ankara Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Izmir Tunç Soyer, Mayor of Adana Zeydan Karalar, Mayor of Eskişehir A Mayor of Antalia Metropolitan Muhittin Insects, Mayor of Mugra Metropolitan In a statement issued in the signature of Savash “It is inevitable that public transport prices will increase significantly in the near future. It is very easy for the government to prevent public transport discomfort by raising the price of support applications,” he said. rice field. The following statement was issued.

“Unfortunately, during the difficult times facing the Turkish economy, economic predictability has been replaced by daily price increases and volatile processes. The new situation faces serious challenges for citizens and local governments. Until a while ago, fuel prices soared due to the sharp rise in foreign exchange rates. These rises have continued, and for the first time in Japan, fuel prices have risen for seven consecutive days.

The situation is difficult

In fact, fuel prices have risen by more than 94% in 70 days since the beginning of the year. Similar rises apply to energy prices. These extraordinary rises made public transport price increases obsolete some time ago, making the situation even more difficult than before.

I’ve heard of our suggestions

Healthy and sustainable public transport services in our big cities are one of the most important obligations of our municipality. Labor costs such as fuel and electricity used in public transport, as well as maintenance and repair costs resulting from overseas spare parts, are so high that municipalities can no longer afford them. Unfortunately, our proposal, which has repeatedly requested that SCTs not be removed from fuels used in public transport, at least, has been ignored by the central government.

According to the law, there are users of free public transport

Given all these processes, it is inevitable that public transport tariffs will increase significantly in the near future. Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control, we need to reflect these increases in our citizens. In addition, many citizens use public transport for free, as required by law and within the framework of parliamentary decisions. Regulations promulgated in 2016 for citizens to receive healthy services have not increased the support of 1,000 TL paid by municipalities to privately owned vehicles that have licensed public transport in the city. Hmm. In such situations, transportation may meet citizens who use public transportation for free. By raising the price of this support application, it is very easy to prevent the discomfort that the government experiences on public transport.

As mayors of 11 metropolitan areas, we submit our statement in honor of public information. “

New Statement # 2 from 11 Mayors of CHP Metropolitan