New developments in the case of sexual abuse of veterinarians! Three police officers in the “abuse of power” trial

In Ankara, the owner of a professor at a veterinary clinic. In a case in which Dr. Hasan Birgiri was tried on suspicion of sexual assault by a veterinarian, three police officers allegedly caused the disappearance of some madness began indictment. ‘. Ç.B. said the deposit process at the police station took 2.5 hours and he “difficult to express himself to police officers rather than to express himself.”

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Veterinary professor. Dr. Hasan Bilgili was detained and arrested in April 2019 for sexually assaulting a veterinarian working at his veterinary clinic CB while he was a faculty member at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ankara University. Public Prosecutors Office. Birgiri and his assistant veterinarian Serkan Dharmas, who were dismissed from college as part of an administrative investigation into the incident, described it as “qualified sexual assault,” “force and threat, deprivation of liberty,” and “threat.” Has been done. And “insult”, doctor of obstetrics and gynecology. The trial of Hüsey in Şenyurt continues in the 31st High Court Criminal Court in Ankara on charges of “destroying the evidence.”

Three actions to the police

Ç.B., Police Officer MehmetŞ. Part of the evidence on the day of the case, through his attorney Aslıhan Koçak, because the evidence in the case file of the Ankara 31st High Court Criminal Court was inadequate because they acted against the requirements of their obligations. Was lost and the prosecution was prolonged. Nevzat C. And Yunus A. Within the scope of the investigation conducted by the Ankara Prosecutor’s Office, a lawsuit was filed against the police, requiring up to one year’s imprisonment for “abuse of duties.”

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“The camera cannot record because of its high intensity.”

Defendant’s trial began at the 22nd Criminal Court in Ankara. Defendant Yunus A awaiting trial. And MehmetŞ. While attending, another defendant NevzatÇ. I didn’t attend. At the police station, around 24:00 the day after the incident, suspect Yunus A. Chu B came to the police station with his mother and was sexually assaulted. I was told. Prosecutor on duty. He said he had taken footage of a security camera and instructed him to identify the victim’s clothing.

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Yunus A said the victim was transferred to the hospital after the statement, “but it took a long time to get a report because the gynecologist was waiting at the hospital. In the meantime, the victim’s Report clothes. I couldn’t record the camera that night because of the intensity. I was working with two teams and technical staff. I couldn’t take a camera recording because I didn’t have a camera. , The prosecutor was not instructed to find the suspect. At that time, I didn’t know if the workplace was open. I had to find a business owner and get a camera password. Our shift was 8 am It was time. “It’s over. We handed over the case to the daytime group. I’m not negligent in this case. I followed the instructions I received. I demand innocence.”

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Defendant Mehmet S. Meanwhile, he said he was working as a printer at the police station that night and acted according to the instructions of the prosecutor. MehmetŞ. Said that the collection of evidence at the crime scene and the recording of security cameras were outside his jurisdiction.

He said where to find lawyers and psychologists at this time.

CB On the other hand, he said the case of the 31st High Court Criminal Court in Ankara could not reach a conclusion due to insufficient evidence collection. Ç.B. said she and her mother went to the police station around 20.00 and said, “I waited about 3.5 hours for the statement. It was more difficult to express myself to the police officer than the statement. Depending on the accused’s attitude. It took about 2.5 hours to process the statement. I asked such a question. When I asked, I asked for a psychologist and a police officer. “A lawyer for you at this time. Where can I find a psychologist? “He said.

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“No evidence was collected that night.”

Ç.B. gave him the work clothes he was wearing at the time of the incident were found in the clinic, they tried to force him to drink, and the bottles and glasses were found in the kitchen. Dermaz argued that the serum-added drug mentioned should be taken from camera records showing access to the operating room and that no evidence was collected.

After hearing the opinions of some witnesses, the court’s board of directors took the defense of the other defendants and postponed the hearing to correct the flaws in the file.

Meanwhile, veterinarian Serkan Durmaz was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison for “interfering with unauthorized medical intervention” for administering serum to Ç.B.