New 5-point offer from Azerbaijan to Armenia


Azerbaijan’s Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov said that “occupation factors” were the main reason for the long-standing lack of relations between Azerbaijan and “Azerbaijan has occupied Azerbaijan for over 30 years since the early 90s.” Everyone knows that. Forced landing and the Azerbaijani citizens were banished, said.

“This was also a major obstacle to the establishment of our relationship,” said Bailamov, noting that despite four UN Security Council resolutions in support of Azerbaijan, no results were obtained regarding the occupation. I used a phrase.

“Our offer has not been responded to by Armenia for a year.”

After the 44-day homeland war began on September 27, 2020 to free the land occupied by Armenia, Azerbaijan announced that it had issued a very clear message on this issue, Bailamov said: Said to. The relationship is now gone. In this case, the Azerbaijani side is in favor of normalizing relations with Armenia, despite all the difficulties and problems of the past. ” He said.

Recalling that Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev sent a message to Armenia “ready to sign peace” a year ago, Bailamov continued:

“We haven’t responded to Armenia’s offer for nearly a year. To show its good intentions, the Azerbaijani side recently made a new offer to Armenia. This proposal essentially allows Armenia to normalize the relationship between Armenia and Armenia. We have proposed to the Armenian side some basic principles, including. We have expressed and confirmed our opinions in accordance with the basic principles and traditions of Armenian regulation. Relationships between nations. We are ready to develop our relationship based on the principles of. ” “Armenia should look at these and express their opinions. If Armenia sincerely wants to normalize the relationship, this is a very good opportunity for them. Armenia’s response will soon become apparent and of course. We will take appropriate measures from now on. “”


Five main principles of a one-page document

Noting that the proposal was recently sent, Bailamov said, “A one-page document. The basic principles have been determined and these principles have been proposed. If the Armenian side wants to normalize the relationship, then to this proposal. The approach needs to be reported immediately. It must be said that all the principles recorded in the document are the principles of international affairs and there are no unusual comments there. ” ..

Mr. Bailamov said that the issue of determining the border between the two countries, which Azerbaijan has emphasized many times, was in these proposals, and that the Azerbaijani side offered to solve these issues, but Armenia always presupposes. The conditions were presented.

“A bilateral cooperation group should be established”

“We need to establish a bilateral cooperation group and have this group start its activities,” Bailamov emphasized that the prerequisites for initiating the process are unacceptable. He said.

Regarding Azerbaijan’s offer to Armenia, Bailamov said, “There are five main articles. Our views are listed in five.” He said.

Bailamov recalled that the offer he made to Armenia about a year ago remained unresolved, “seeing the reaction to this second offer immediately shows how honest the Armenian side is. You will understand. ” He said.