National striker Burfin is already looking to the 2024 Paris Olympics.


Berfin Altan, who lives in Denizli, has successfully continued his goalball sport, which he started at the age of 12, at the suggestion of a PE teacher. Altan, who was unable to continue his education at normal school due to congenital vision problems, has a seven-year degree in the field of goalball. Altan explained that no one could have predicted that he would succeed, and despite his disabilities, he travels alone in many countries and cities. Burfin said that no one considers him a disabled person because of the degree he earned, and that the biggest obstacle in life is a wrong idea.

Altan’s goal is the 2024 Paris Olympics

Burfin Altin, who continues to win his country’s awards despite his youth and health problems, said his biggest goal was the 2024 Paris Olympics. Altan explained that she has worked for the women’s national team for the past three years at her branch where she has worked for seven years, second in Europe in 2021 and second in the U19 European Championship in 2022. I said there is. Altan, who is preparing for the World Championships in Portugal next December, said his goal is to win a trophy in Portugal as well.

Berfin Altan becomes European champion of national team

From June 30th to July 4th, the Goalball Junior Women’s European Championship was held in Lahti, Finland. The goalball national team, which has won gold medals as a team in the last two Olympics, continued to succeed with young athletes and achieved another important success. The goalball national team defeated Israel and England with 133 technical advantages after the group match. The young national team, who played against Israel in the final, won the gold medal as the European champion with 111 wins. Denizli’s national team athlete Belfin Altin, who played with the Finnish national team, contributed to the national goal in the final. Belfin scored 6 goals against Israel in the final, scoring a total of 24 goals. The national team experienced great joy after the championship.

“I want to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics”


Berfin Altan explained that he had to go to the Denizli school of the visually impaired sports club because his eyesight problems increased after graduating from elementary school. When I graduated from elementary school, my eyesight problems grew and I was sent to school for the visually impaired. Only visually impaired people can play in my branch. I entered this branch of the school on the advice of a PE teacher, and I found myself in this sport. I started this branch at the age of 12 and have been doing it for 7 years. For the past three years I have been on the national team. I have the 2nd place in Europe in 2021 and the U19 European Championship in 2022. The World Championships will be held in Portugal in December 2022. Our goal is to win trophies there. I also want to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics. Goalball is played by a team of 6 players. We each pass 3 ace, 3 substitutes and 3 players. I’m also at the Pamukkale Sports Club, “he said.

“Obstacles are what we put in front of us.”

Altan said he was grateful and gained more support as he succeeded, saying: I was introverted because I had problems with my eyesight. I couldn’t see it, so I couldn’t go anywhere alone or my family couldn’t ask for anything. Now I go abroad like a clear person. I do everything myself and rarely go home. So no one is looking at me like I am visually impaired. My family cooperated with these tournaments. When I was successful, my relatives began to support me. In fact, my vision problems are not an obstacle to me. Obstacles are what we put in front of us. “When we can overcome them, nothing can stop them,” he said.