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The Golden Skaters Sports Club Golden Rose Team, which ranked first in the youth category of the Synchronized Ice Skating Turkish Championship, continues to prepare for success at the Austrian World Championships.

Team coach Ozge Ozkaya Ice skating athletes evaluated the work and goals of the World Junior Synchronized Figure Skating Championships in Insburg, March 16-20.

Figure skater 18 years old Cagla Ipek OnarHe states that he is a freshman in industrial engineering at Atılım University, “The Turkish Championship camp schedule was tight and we trained every day. We usually trained late on ice, we also trained on land, we worked hard and ultimately achieved results.” Said.

Chagra said he is stretching in areas other than ice, and with the encouragement of his mother, he started ice skating at the age of four and has enjoyed it for 14 years.

Chagra, also in the world championships “We compete with the best teams in the world. This is a great honor. We represent Turkey and our flag. We are very excited. Our goal is Turkey. Do your best to do it. “ He said.

A 19-year-old ice skater who studied computer engineering at Ankara University Hatice Ayca Celik Also “I started this sport when I was 7 years old. I quit because of some negatives. I came back at 15 years old. I love doing it. I am very happy to be a champion. think.” I used the phrase.


They say they are a successful team, and Hatiche Ayça says: “We worked really hard within our means. We will do our best at the World Championships. There is ice skating support in Turkey, but it could be better and it is getting better every year. We can see the level go up with our eyes. I hope it gets better. I want to skate for as long as possible. “I want to go home with a world championship medal.” He said.

Bahar Koshkun, a first-year young athlete high school student from all over the country, also said he worked hard to take first place in the Turkish Championship. “We are very happy. We are trying to represent the flag in the best possible way at the World Championships. We are aiming for a higher score than ever before.” I made that evaluation.

Coach Ozkaya: “A branch that has made sense for Turkey in recent years”

Özge Özkaya, a trainer for the Golden Rose team, said he has been training athletes for 10 years at this branch. “I am training for all ages. I have athletes between the ages of 5 and 19. I am actively engaged in figure skating and synchronized figure skating in two separate branches. Of this sport. It’s important to start as a child. “ He said.

Özkaya said he was very pleased with the Turkish championship after a two-year hiatus due to the epidemic.

Özkaya said that the work of multiple branches within the same facility restricted them during the preparatory process, saying:

“We tried to overcome facility limitations by going to Bursa and Samsung tracks and camping. We improved athletes’ performance with eight hours of training a day. By winning the Turkish Championship, we set our first goal. Achieved. The country’s first World Championship. A branch that has made sense in Turkey in recent years has said, “We are training new athletes. It will take time to succeed, but the process is going well. This branch has developed very rapidly. In Turkey. Our technological infrastructure soon became able to represent our country at the World Championships. We need to go beyond that. “

Emphasizing the need for sponsorship support, Özge Özkaya said: “This is a very expensive sport. They train on ice and on ice for at least 4 hours a day and work more than 5 days a week. We compete with teams with advantageous and strong technical infrastructure. So this branch is its development. “ Said.

Özge Özkaya said he worked harder to close the gap with the countries that were successful in this sport. “25 countries are participating in the World Championships. Our claim is to make this sport a recognized branch in Turkey and one of the top 10 teams in the World Championships. Of course, this is what we do. It’s not a branch I’ve been to for years, but it’s important to exceed the points I’ve achieved in the World Championships over the last few years, as it’s synchronized. It’s the best result. “ Expressed his opinion.