National Handball Player Tournament Preparation-TRTSpor

The Crescent Star Team, whose main goal is to compete in the European Championship for the first time in history, will participate in the Mediterranean Tournament from June 25th to July 5th and the Islamic Solidarity Tournament from August 9th to 18th.

After entering the camp with 23 players in Bursa, the national team will continue to collaborate with younger teams from time to time in friendly matches.

Head coach Okan Harai said the national team’s adventure began after a tough league marathon.

Harai emphasized taking part in two important tournaments at the national team level shortly after the intensity of the season. “We will be attending the Mediterranean Games in Algeria and the Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya with a young team. We are one of the five athletes in the Mediterranean Games and will be in Europe in 2024. Opponents of the championship group. I think this is a very important opportunity to test ourselves. “ Said.

Halay said their most important goal is to attract players who don’t have much opportunity to play with each other and to increase their match experience a bit more.

Halay continued, noting that the motivation of the players makes them happy:

“I think we have a good team. We have completed the first stage of the camp in Bursa. We completed the work in Ankara on June 15-23 and moved to Algeria on June 25. We have 5 teams in our group. The Mediterranean Tournament. The first 2 teams are included in it. At least we will do our best to boost the top 4 chances in the tournament. Who is it now? Momo is very enthusiastic. It’s an opportunity for young people. People are happy because they have participated in a very tough league marathon. There is a championship and the cup is lost in that tough time. They said, “I found it difficult to motivate, but all players are aware of this. I can say that most of our player groups are important, especially at the national team level. There are players who believe that their performance on the national team will transfer to different teams in Europe. “

“I want to make history”

Pointing out that their most important goal is to participate in the 2024 European Handball Championship, Okan Halay said he will face Portugal, North Macedonia and Luxemburg in the October group qualifying round.

Harai said, noting that the National Men’s Handball Team has never participated in European and World Championships. “We are always around the corner. Now we are positively changing luck and setting goals to compete in the 2024 European Championship. Our biggest goal is in Germany. To be able to compete in the championship. We can be in the top two in our group’s matches. We hope to be the first team to compete in the European Championship. We want to pass. increase.” I made that evaluation.

Halay said he believes he will continue his recent success in the Turkish sport of handball.

Halay said his coach’s friends, player groups, and the entire team did their best. “There is no reason not to do this. You need to seize the opportunity.” I used the phrase.

Team captain Genco וlanç said the training was a lot of fun.

Explaining that preparations for the Mediterranean Games and the Islamic Solidarity Games are continuing at full speed, Elanchi said, “We focused all our concentration on the Mediterranean Games. The league ended last week anyway. Everyone came to the national team camp without permission, so we are ready now. We are ready. Is trapped in our goal. The team feels very good. Our only hope, our goal, our dream is to go to the 2024 European Championship. We are in Europe I hope to represent Turkey well in the championship. “ He said.