Nabati Minister’s Statement on the Fight against Inflation

Treasury Minister Nureddin Nevaty said inflation will begin to decline in the summer months.

Nevati answered questions about the economic agenda at the Sanliurfa Archaeological Museum in the Anatolian Publishers Association’s “Anador Ask” program.

When asked about his contact with foreigners, Nevaty said he met with investors during his visit to London and explained Turkey’s macroeconomic situation.

“Turkey is a turning point for investors around the world. We believe investors will come and come to Turkey,” Nevati said, saying that investment has come to Turkey and will continue.

“Currency-protected savings account will continue”

When asked about the benefits of currency-protected savings accounts, Nabati said economic indicators were now stable.
Nabati said confidence in the Turkish lira had increased despite the war between Ukraine and Russia, saying:
“Of course, the volatility of the world is also reflected in Turkey. Looking at the parity of the Eurodollar shows the ups and downs. Currency-protected savings accounts will continue. This is one year, 1 At the end of the year, our President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan gave permission to extend it for another year. The Ministry of Finance is also very low. Turkey’s lira is at its lowest level, so there is still no place to go down and the citizens You can rest in peace. “

Fighting inflation

In a question about the fight against inflation, Nabati said before December 20th, a rally that sought to cause turmoil in foreign currencies with the aim of harming the government was “sunflower oil” nationwide.

Pointing out that Turkey’s problem is inflation, Nevaty said:
“I said I would feel this harsh effect during the winter. After the crisis in Russia and Ukraine, this harsh situation became a little more severe. Turkey does not ring the bell on its own. People driving London were also affected. At fuel prices in both France, Germany and Turkey … this is quite normal, but there is a difference. Currently, citizens use natural gas at home at 10% price. Full support In the summer, inflation will drop a little, and we will abandon the burden we had in December last year and go to the elections in December. “

“Survey of 30,000 companies”

When asked about rising grocery prices, Nabati said that commodity and shipping prices are rising around the world, but there are sections that take advantage of this situation.

As a ministry, Nabati said he opposed those who benefited, “reducing VAT to reduce the effects of inflation and increase production, and as a ministry for those who overuse. , Established a team to combat inflation. Who is stocking up on these pieces? These teams have inspected 30,000 companies. Penalties are imposed. Stocks are being counted. “He Said.

“We have completed technical research on cryptocurrencies.”

In a question about cryptocurrency regulation, Nevaty said he conducted a final technical survey earlier last week to gather the opinions of relevant agencies on this subject. Anyway, there is no established law on cryptocurrencies in the world. This law paves the way for cryptocurrencies in Turkey, but eliminates its harmful aspects and allows business in general, mostly with secondary regulations. ” Said.

Minister Nevaty said that the amount allocated to contractors exceeded 9 billion lira about the pain of public contractors due to the increase in construction costs, “Since January, commodity prices have risen significantly. Our contract The vendors were also affected by the prices of these items. We are working on this. We will provide the best support to those affected within the potential of our budget. ” I made an evaluation.