My teacher called me to the championship, I came to run-last sports news

Champion Trabzonspor that can be played anywhere “Perfect Joker” Dorkhan Tokoz, Morning SportsIn response to many of our questions, including arrival at Trabzonspor, the process of injury, and celebrations in the city, the 25-year-old player talked about his departure from Besiktas for the first time … This is an interview highlight:
You started the season with an unlucky injury. Can you explain the process?

I started the season late. When my body wasn’t ready for heavy training, I had some difficulties, which had nothing to do with my old injuries and were new injuries. This happened because I kept up with the team as soon as possible and tried to contribute. The process is over.
Please tell me about the transfer to Trabzonspor.

I was able to stay in Besiktas or go to another team in Istanbul. There was also an offer from Europe. Then they asked Trabzonspor. When Abdullah Abju called me, he said, “This year we will be the champion. We are establishing staff according to him, come here.” Of course from the national team My very good friend is here It was effective.Our president and vice president He also made a significant contribution to this transfer.

I ate BREAD OF BEŞ0054 KT AŞ I never say bad things
Departures from Besiktas are always closed The box remained.In this regard You never talked. A thing say whether will you?
I think it’s better to keep it closed. Nothing about the Besiktas community Did not say anything bad It’s not my place. I had a very good day there. I had a hard time getting injured, but thanks to everyone, everyone was there. All god bless you.Not bad at all I don’t speak. I don’t tell a bad story about the club I ate. It is sometimes said that it came out of the mouth. These are absolutely not true. I was born and raised in Eskisehir and came to Besiktas from there. Now I’m in Trabzon. Maybe another day I go to the club. So let’s not compare Trabzonspor Club.

Ugurkan’s right to Europe
Ugurkan wants to go to Europe explained. What do you say about it?
Ugurkan is my very good friend. We have been friends since we were young. I want to see him at the best club in the world. After the training on the first day, I said he would be one of the greatest goalkeepers in Europe. Ugurkan wants to go, and I think he deserves it. He won the championship at Trabzonspor and made many sacrifices for this team. Now it must continue that his mission, which is of course my opinion.

I can do it!
Right back, defender and midfielder You played. In 3 places To display the same performance How do you succeed?
My football can be played in other positions. It’s easier to play with the system when we work well and analyze in tactical training. The most comfortable place for me is the midfield, but I want to play in any area.

Lots of giant leagues We will succeed
What about the Champions League goals? Do you say
I think we will be very successful. It makes a difficult and cramped calendar. It’s certainly not easy, but I think it will succeed.

We have a quality team.
Ahmet to celebrate the championship You came out with a Chark jersey.Those moments can you tell me?
I love Ahmet Abi. He came to me when I was injured. It’s a special place for me. It’s very hard to lose him.
I wanted to commemorate him in Turkey’s hottest organization and have him pray.
Next to Dorkhan Toques What is your most important goal?
I am a person who likes to live now. So I’m currently aiming for success in the Champions League next season. God is happy and I want to win the championship again.

No singer than me
You sang a KADR song at the celebration of the championship. If you are not a football player, will you be an artist?
We made such a decision with Ugurkan and wanted KADR. I caught his stage performance at the last minute. Ugurkan said, “Let’s go out, there are some very nice moments.” He went well. But I’m not a singer. We are not soccer players, but somehow make a living, but it is difficult to be a musician.

I’ll be here until my contract ends
You have enjoyed the championship in both Besiktas and Trabzonspor … You are the only player after Sergen Jartin who lives in two different teams. What is it like?
It’s great to experience such beautiful feelings in two great communities. I hope to see more championships in my career and succeed. I have an additional 3 season contract with Trabzonspor. Teams from Europe may be interested. But I hope to play in the Champions League. Waiting for him