“My goal is to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics.”

Red Bull athlete Berke Dikçioğlu, who has been shown as one of Turkey’s most talented skateboarders, has made a special statement in the Fanatik Newspaper. His goal is to participate in the 2024 Olympics in Paris, and a successful athlete said: “My goal right now is to be in the top five,” he said. For Red Bull Mind The Gap on June 21, Dikçioğlu is pleased to be able to hold such an event in Turkey.

Skateboarding is a passion among young people. What is the reason for this?

“I think it has something to do with the recent growing interest in street culture and marginal style. After all, it’s a unique sport.”

“It started under the apartment”

How did you fall in love with this sport?

“My best friend was skating under our apartment, and every time I saw him I was like” why? ” By the way, my first curiosity started under the apartment at the end of 2009 and continues to this day. ”

How was your goal on skateboarding shaped by Red Bull?

As most of us want to make progress in our skateboarding dreams, my dream was to wear my Red Bull hat and represent my country in my sport, and I’m so happy that I was able to achieve this. I’m happy. My future goal is to have a portfolio that allows me to show myself more in contests and project activities and introduce them to the world.

“Be free and original”

How do you complete the sentence “Become a skateboarder in Turkey …”?

“I would like to answer this question in general terms, not just in Turkey. Being a skateboarder is free and original in my eyes. Not only a sport, but There’s also a creative culture, so even the simplest trash cans you can see on the street can be turned into a skateboarding area to shoot this art and share it with everyone. ”

“RedBullMindTheGap I was very surprised” The event has another place for me

What do you want to say about the Red Bull Mind The Gap organization?

“This event has been redesigned to help amateur skateboarders improve their movements and we believe it is a source of hope and energy for Turkey’s new future skateboarders. Thank you for your continued support. Red Bull The MindTheGap event is another place for me. He has made a great contribution to me being a Red Bull athlete. I joined the organization last year. It was a very good experience for me. I will be a judge this year. Being on the side of evaluating participants will be another experience for me. “

What was the hardest part of skateboarding?

“It’s hard to put in most categories because it adds new variations to every move you solve on a skateboard, and it gets harder and harder. That’s why every move is hard.”

So are there any special moves for you?

“My favorite move during the run has always been a’kick flip’. I’ve been doing it every time I skate for about 12 years and I keep doing that. ”

“My favorite move is kickflip.”

Are there any skateboarders you respected as a kid?

“Ryan Sheckler. He was a skateboarder who adopted the video I used to watch when I was little, and everyone looked like him when I was little.”

“I was very surprised when I first heard it.”

Skateboarding became the first Olympic sport at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Is there an Olympics at your destination?

“The fact that our culture is involved in big competitions like the Olympics really excites me. I can’t wait to attend the 2024 Paris Olympics and show myself there. . My current goal is to be in the top five. ”

How did you feel when you watched skateboarding at the Tokyo Olympics?

“To be honest, I wasn’t expecting it, so I was very surprised when I first heard it. It was a very special step for all of us to continue this sport from the streets as the Olympics. It’s a big place.”

“There are streets and parks you like depending on the location.”

-Do you like skating on the street or do you like skateparks?

“It’s hard to choose just one place. In short, I like to skate as much as I can.”

Is there an age group that says “you need to start a skateboarder at this age”?

“In fact, in order to feel a sense of unity between technical skating and skateboarding, it’s better to make progress at a young age, but this definitely says,” Older people shouldn’t skateboard. ” Not at all. It’s a sport that you can enjoy regardless of age, even if you run straight. ”

What are the benefits of becoming a global brand athlete like Red Bull?

“It allowed me to see my perspective and potential for skateboarding with an objective eye, and to grow myself in a sporty and fantastic way. They continue to offer. With our family, we always hope to put our signature under a beautiful project and future. “