“My” alarm in the Bosphorus!The team took action … a statement from the MSB

Experience the movement of foreign objects at the entrance to the Black Sea in the Bosphorus Strait. The team took action on an object that was likened to a mine. Two-way ships were prohibited in the strait. Early research stated that it was an old Russian mine. The Department of Defense (MSB) has issued a statement regarding the disturbing incident.

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Coast Guard headquarters was noticed by fishermen in the Sarıyer Türkeli Anchorage area and took action against mine-like objects.

It was noted that we examined objects on the surface of the sea. Helicopters also support surveys. It was said that a floating substance similar to a mine was seen around 09:30. Two-way ships were prohibited in the strait.

According to the first survey, an old Russian mine

Early research stated that it was an old Russian mine. Investigation is ongoing.

A month left in the war between Russia and Ukraine, but the mine allegedly left in the Black Sea by Ukraine to thwart Russian warships from Odessa may have been dragged out of the anchor as a result of the storm. It was stated that there was. Istanbul.

Statement from MSB: Intervention has begun

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According to a statement from the Department of Defense (MSB), “On the morning of March 26, 2022, the Underwater Defense Team (SAS) was swiftly transferred to the scene of the incident after a civilian commercial vessel discovered a landmine-like object. Off the coast of the Bosphorus Strait. Secured by the SAS team, interventions have begun to neutralize it. “

Notable statement from terrorism and security expert BAŞBUĞ: 420 mines ..

Coşkun Başbuğ, a terrorism and security specialist, said in his statement on CNN TÜRK’s live broadcast:

I pointed out this danger. He said he would come first in the Bosphorus. As a nation, we are taking all necessary measures. There was faster development than expected. It is important that this was seen without damage. In fact, the news that is perceived as asparagus turns out to be genuine. Dangerous from Sinop’s nose to the Bosphorus. There is an international issue here. Turkey has taken that step. If you couldn’t see this mine, it could have been very damaging. If it hits a ship or fishing boat, it would be disastrous. Our throat is where the 420 mines come when they break. Danger is not in the past. The state plays that role. The first showed a sudden reflex. President Erdogan’s statement, “Necessary steps will be taken.” Neighboring countries may be required to take similar steps. The problem is that even soldiers with no experience in this area should not intervene. Trained people must intervene in the mine. We did the right thing with the right reflexes. Treating it like a normal event can lead to disasters. Our fishermen should play their part by informing the team of what they consider to be a threat. I don’t know where the 420 drifting mines were blown away by the stream. We need to take all precautions. How the 420 mines are distributed depends on the current situation.

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Bosphorus alerts have taken action ... Pentagon statement

President Erdogan: All measures have been taken

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan asked journalists on his return to the NATO Summit: Origin? “He answered the question as follows:

“All precautions have been taken regarding the issue of land mines. The common opinion of both the Minister of Defense and the Navy Commander is that they are not in such a confused situation. Also, these mines. That is, these mines will lock themselves as soon as they surface. It’s like exploding itself. It has such a function. Besides, the Navy has all the precautions. I am taking. “