Mustafa Kavaz’s decision from Ziraat Bank-TRT Spor

Recalling that he was the first champion in 40 years of history, Met said it was more important and difficult to be a champion than to be a “champion.”

Met stated that two consecutive championships were more valuable and was happy to bring the championship trophy to the museum.

Pointing out that this success they achieved is the result of a joint effort, Ilker Met said: The team works in harmony. It is impossible to achieve this. It’s not easy. I think it’s this positive atmosphere that sets the difference with other teams. ” He said.

-“I was aiming for Mustafa Kavaz to become the head coach someday.”

Met, who pointed out that their vision as management is to contribute to the development of Turkish volleyball and that they always divide the team organization for this purpose, continued:

“Our club not only trains players from infrastructure, but also Turkish volleyball coaches. Mustafa Kavaz started this job from infrastructure and has risen to the position of assistant coach for Team A. Mr. Mustafa has always worked as an experienced assistant. Our foreign coach on Team A was aiming to make him a head coach someday. In fact, he knocked on the door. When he did, he was already ready. Dr. Mustafa. I knew that our coach, who is always improving himself and passionate about volleyball, would do his best. That’s it. “

The Metropolitan Museum of Art explained that when former head coach Roberto Santiri resigned, he analyzed all risks, considered alternatives and made decisions, and appointed Mustafa Kavaz as head coach. When we became champions, we were at this risk and we took this risk. After all, I won both the championship and the Turkish team. He aimed to introduce a Turkish head coach to volleyball. ” Said.

-“Oleol Kamejo has left our team”

He emphasized that seeing the development of Turkish volleyball depends on the presence of good Turkish coaches and good Turkish players, Met said:

“Of course, we will continue this year with the head coach who won the championship. As a management, we are careful to protect the champion team. At this point, the important players of the team’s success will continue next season. We have a multi-year contract for volleyball and most of the contracts will be clear from January to February, but we can’t say we’ve formed a team as Mustafa made a joint decision when he was an assistant coach. However, important player Oleol Kamejo left the team after receiving an economically attractive offer from abroad, but instead recruited players for the Champions League to be held in Turkey next year and recruited the team. We’ve strengthened. In addition to the league, I think we can. It’s a good thing in Europe. “

-“We now want our team to succeed in Europe”

0054lker Met said that next year’s most important goal is to be in the finals, at least in the cups he participates in, and play volleyball with a good view, almost every year.

“We will continue to maintain these goals next year. We hope to succeed in Europe after winning the championship for the second year in a row. This year we will be the ninth team in the Champions League and missed the quarterfinals slightly. Next year’s goal is to play the finals in every cup. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our esteemed fans for their continued support for the trophies achieved this year. Medei and Santiri congratulated us on our championship despite leaving us. “