Mustafa Er: We can’t afford to take it lightly-Bursaspor News

Bursaspor technical director Mustafa Er held a press conference prior to this week’s Balıkesirspor match in the 1st League of Sportotot. Before the training session at Özlüce וbrahim Yazıcı Facilities, Elle said, “I have fully appreciated this process. The Balıkesirspor match will be very difficult. Probably one of the most difficult of the 10 matches. Let’s. We can’t afford it. Lightly. We’ve taken many steps inside and outside the field. We’ve built trust. We’ve left players with anxiety and withdrawal and tried to focus on the field. Financially. They took a very serious step morally. Their heads were completely in the field. Their efficiency improves. We need fans terribly. We are much more in terms of points. You may be late, but you can close this. Our players also do what they need.

“Massimo Bruno and Ember Senk Shahin can take some time.”

Providing information on the injuries of Massimo Bruno and Ember Senko Shahin, who stand out as Bursaspor’s most influential names, Mustafa Er said: Massimo Bruno and Ember Senk Shahin sometimes participate in training. Once the pain has subsided, you can give it some time. They are about to return to the team now. All players are required. We accept and respect all of them, but we also want to work in the field. That’s the environment we want to create. “

“Bursaspor fans are familiar with football.”

Bursaspor technical director Mustafa Er sent an important message to the fans. The young coach said, “There is definitely a message to the fans. They are our driving force. They are the twelfth man. Yes, I was upset this year. But I will stay in the league this year. I truly believe. Maybe we are bittersweet. It’s a pleasure, but all I want from them is support. Bursaspor supporters. “He knows football very well. He can react regardless of the sign. But we never give up. We show the character. Our fans will understand that now is the time to make a sacrifice. Our players are very impressed by the fans. We are talking about a large audience. Negation is a thing of the past for us. Their players are standing up. I believe they get rid of it. There is also research on combines, and the board is spending a lot of time on this issue. “

“Everyone has to make a sacrifice”

Bursaspor technical director Mustafa Er said the players performed very well and didn’t want to finish the training. Mustafa Ah said, “I’m thinking about what I can get from the players on this team as much as possible. Different formations will definitely have different formations. The players are in very good condition. They don’t want. They don’t. The job is in Greenfield. We are very pleased with their training performance. Scores are very important. 1-“The situation changes as soon as you score 2 points. Everyone sacrifices. You have to pay. This is a process. We appreciate these processes. It’s always the best. Everyone should believe this, “he said.

“The basketball game was very positive for the team.”

Mustafa Er said the basketball team has a soul and can take soccer players to the match and see and feel the atmosphere and integration with the fans. The young coach said, “The basketball game was also very positive for the team. We wanted them to see the atmosphere. We are a big family. They had to see it. Soccer team As we will stand up, our main goal is to have them see the unity there. The basketball team has a spirit. It is the integration of the fans. ”Stability. The player is fine. They are completely focused on the field. Warm atmosphere. Unfortunately, I’ve lost a lot in the last few years. We have crossed the line. The community, the fans, us, the government, the media, everyone has gone beyond that. Fans go to the stand, I become a coach, he said: “Everyone is off the line. These are always the result of accumulation. If the piece falls into place in a stable way, it’s a success. Will come, “he said.