Mustafa Er: “His office is no longer with us”-Bursaspor News

Bursaspor technical director Mustafa Er held a press conference at Özlüce וbrahim Yazıcı Facilities. A young coach who made a noteworthy statement said: Matches that weren’t dug after the opponent went missing affected the team. But there was a comeback. I couldn’t start the game as I expected. I couldn’t use the field well, both offensively and defensively. We acknowledged the goal, maybe we could acknowledge another goal. We moved early on. I changed the system. This process continues like this. Maybe start with another system of Keçiörengü ​​cü. I won the Barkesillspore match, but I know where the problem lies. We played very tight and intertwined. I made a mistake because of this. “

“A tough match is waiting for us”

Regarding the Ankara Kesiorenguk match, Mustafa Ah said: The entire team will be 80 percent inside from next week. Correct your mistakes and think about what you can do. Keçiörengü ​​cü hasn’t lost his home game lately. They have serious players. A tough match is waiting for us. But we go out to win every match and prepare accordingly. 2-3 game series is required. I will do my best to win Ankara. “

“Thanks to the fans”

Faced with a sign of love from fans after the Balıkesirspor match, Mustafa Ah said: They called me. Now we are not us. Our priority is team. Thank you so much to the fans. The match started low, but there was no negative atmosphere. We got positive feedback. All stands were called teams. After that, I played differently. We are in the background. We must be humble. Let them support your team. This is what I want. They made this clear in the Balıkesirspor match. I would also like to thank him for his support. “

“There is no number 9 other than Pedro.”

“We see more aggressive Bursaspor,” said Mustafa Er, Bursaspor’s technical director. “But if you look at the current team, there aren’t nine other than Pedro. Maybe Namig Alasgarov and Ellen Gurel. No, but not clear. There is no original striker other than Pedro. Sometimes we consider different formulas. It depends on the opponent. The most important issue is that we need to improve our performance as a team. That’s why we’re working hard on the attack and we’re activating all players. “

“It may be a mistake to put this burden on young people.”

When asked about the latest developments in Berat Altindish, Mustafa Ah said: I didn’t get what I wanted. Alsak will play. I also told him. If they cannot handle this environment, they will be either bystanders or stands. These players are now 20 years old. You also need to be at a level where you can cope with stress and pressure. These criteria are very important. We must make minimal mistakes, if possible we must make mistakes. You need a player that can handle this load. It would be a mistake to put this burden on young people. We do not ignore them. Berat, Ellen, it doesn’t matter. We get what we can get from anyone. Maybe he will be the first 11 years old, maybe he will play for a minute, but he has to give him what he can. “

“His office is no longer with us”

Mustafa Er, technical director of Bursaspor, shared information about the situation in Ember Seng Shahin. A young coach said he needed an experienced soccer player to prolong his recovery from injury, he said. He lost a lot of time because of his injury. It returns in the best way. He is also with Massimo Bruno. He also had a serious time in the Balıkesirspor game. He is also preparing for the Keçiörengücü game in the best possible way. Mustafa Ah is also about Ofos, which has not been adopted for a long time. He said, “I told management that the current staff doesn’t consider Ofusa. Management is also negotiating with him. After this moment, we see him in us. there is no.”