Mustafa Ah evaluated the season-TRT Spor

Bursaspor coach Mustafa Er said he had fallen from the Sport 1st league to the lower leagues and reached this point from the Super League in four seasons. “Unfortunately, no one talks about it or looks it up. None Some of the people in charge, so to speak, bury their heads in the sand. In my opinion, it shouldn’t have come out. But everyone writes and draws on social media. I think we need to experience that embarrassment, that embarrassment. “

At a press conference at Özlüce וbrahim Yazıcı Facilities, Er said the club had a difficult process, it wasn’t easy to get over it, and they were still affected.

He said it was very difficult to stand by for 90 minutes in the previous match, and Er said he had done his last mission in the Nasa Doge Menemenspor match and experienced embarrassment and overwhelming with current players. ..

Ell emphasized that he was very angry with the demotion of the team, “The situation of the staff is also clear. I’m sorry. The atmosphere of the stadium is an atmosphere that will never be forgotten. Unfortunately, this process occurs. Looking at the whole league, 41-42 points were valid for everyone. There was a game where the opponent got a lot of extras. Bursaspor seems to have dropped by 1 point, but 45 points, that’s It wouldn’t happen again. “

Mustafa Er remembered growing up in Bursaspor from an early age, wearing a jersey and coaching the team that served as captain.

He explained that he was always trying to contribute financially and morally to the Green White Club, and Er continued:

“I had a really hard time, but unfortunately I couldn’t afford this year. I couldn’t get to the last corner. At the beginning of the season, if there was a healthy environment, the hierarchy would work properly and everyone Having a clear job description, we claim to be either out of the top two or tonight. We were going to be a team waiting for the playoff game at the hotel. However, this did not happen .. I believed this. We played twice in four years. We played from the Super League four years ago. First at the end of the third season. I’m out of the league. Unfortunately, no one talks about it or scrutinizes it. In my opinion, none of the people in charge should even go out, so to speak, with their heads buried in the sand. But everyone writes and draws on social media. I think we have to experience that embarrassment, that embarrassment. Living personally. I’m far more than my share I live a lot in.

It is very heavy for this club to be demoted twice in four years. This is not really normal. It wouldn’t be possible if you left it alone. When it comes, debt burden is a headache. There are benefits to the recent disappearance of hierarchies, unfortunately off the line and everyone trying to go to the desk … these are probably a few percent. We are very sorry to those who love Bursaspor 97-98% and have done their best to this emblem. I feel the same as them. Bursaspor is a very large community. Certainly it will draw a roadmap within itself. This process is now going on in the healthiest way for our club. “

In response to a question about his future at the club, Er said he had not yet discussed this issue with management.

“We need to think in a healthy way. It must be what the club’s interests need. Ours,” Elle said, saying that this process is ongoing for him. Good and evil can be inconsistent with the interests of the club. I have a clear idea, but I don’t want to say it clearly. I can’t think of it for now. Whatever makes sense, I and the players Should be decided for both. ” He said.