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Speaking to reporters at a training seminar for the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) Central Refereeing Commission (MHK) in August, MHK Vice-Chairman Murat Irgaz said that talking about VAR interventions in all positions is a good thing for referees. said it would reduce the self-confidence of players and create a reliance on referees. VAR.

The Riva Hasan Doan national team and the first half of the seminar at the camp facility were open to the press. At the beginning of the seminar, the Super League referees left the hall after a speech by TFF President Mehmet Buyukeksi. Along with Buyukeksi, MHK vice-president Murat he Irghaz and his MHK referee his adviser Hugh Dallas evaluated his last two weeks in the Super League and answered questions from journalists.

94.4% success rate from referees in first 2 weeks

Murat Ilgaz, who conducted the evaluation, explained that he had completed the first two weeks and had an evaluation with the judges at the seminar this morning. “At the end of this evaluation, we found that we had achieved a success rate of 94.4%. This was an opportunity to go through key positions one by one. We are happy to say that we have made great strides in VAR intervention.” Said.

“Over the years, I’ve found referees talking about VAR at all kinds of events, even simple throw-ins.” Yirgaz said:


“The situation left the referee with a lack of confidence and reliance on the VAR, and was on the verge of making a decision after consulting with the VAR. The field assistants, along with the 4th referee, have decided not to use protocol immediately. They know that no outside help will come.

Everyone has shortcomings, so of course some positions will be discussed. This applies to any team. Also, we are not an error-free institution. You will definitely make mistakes during the season. The key is to minimize errors and ensure standards. It may not even be offered in the same match. That’s why all these trainings are done. “

Fixed 2 times in 18 games with VAR

Irgaz also said the referee was very close to protocol and did not interfere with VAR controls. “There were only two VAR interceptions in all games. One involved a handplay inside the penalty area. It was the position in which he controlled and scored at the start: offensive.Detected, corrected by VAR.Only two corrections in 18 matches, three offsides, very high odds by world standards.‘ He said.

MHK Referee Advisor Hugh Dallas also said he was delighted to be joining the TFF family. “The three hour meeting with the referee was productive. I watched their match closely over the two weeks. I can say that I was impressed with the performance of the referee. Speaking of super league referees, I can say that you are a competitive league. Referee work is really difficult in Turkey. We will continue to work.” was evaluated.

Dallas said, referring to TFF Chairman Mehmet Buyukeksi: “I have been to many different countries in Europe, but I have never seen a president and secretary general so enthusiastic about refereeing. Their support helps both me and all the referees.” I also used the word

“We try to minimize mistakes.”

A question and answer session was held after the meeting.

Responding to a question about how he viewed the referee’s management in the Besiktas game that sparked the reaction, Hugh Dallas said: “The match was on the agenda in today’s meeting. We were looking at the positions. We agreed there were things we needed to improve on, but it’s very difficult to achieve perfection in refereeing. We try to minimize mistakes.” I gave an answer.

Meanwhile, Murat Irgaz responded to a question about the fact that Besiktas’ match referee was not assigned as MHK this week:

“Of course, in the last two weeks we have encountered some small mistakes. We found that yellow cards come out very easily in Turkey and cause problems later on. Not only these, but a lot of harassment and riots against referees. “In Europe and Turkey, the same players behave differently. After learning this fact, we asked the referees to impose stronger sanctions for mobbing within two weeks.” The technical committee turned out to be more enthusiastic.The first yellow card was a little cheaper, but the first yellow card was easier, so I was sent off with the second yellow card. was controversial.” The first yellow card could have been avoided by the referee, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a second yellow card. State, the second card is correct. However, the flow of the match cast doubt on the decision. To clarify, there were two key decisions and both penalties were correct. However, he was unable to complete the match at the level we had hoped for due to his failure to meet the standards in the match and the anxiety of the first match. Emphasized to other referees. Because other referees have to gain experience. Because of these mistakes, “too much yellow, we have to reduce it.” When will Yasin Kol take charge? Observer reports are less than satisfactory. Due to its shortcomings, the two observer ratings are slightly more than acceptable. In parallel with this, he will rest for a while and the match will be played when it is his turn. “

Meanwhile, TFF President Mehmet Büyükekşi said he hopes the criticism is constructive and will make every effort to answer questions.

“We have increased the wages of referees by 100%. But we don’t let referees lose to anyone. We stand for right referees. Let’s not denigrate our own product. Also acted as.3 forwards and 1 back.1 can do.You can’t make a mistake unless you have bad intentions.We assume all of them are good intentions and accordingly act.”

Büyükekşi: The president and technical staff should also make their own criticisms

Buyukeksi, who was also asked to meet with Besiktas President Ahmet Nur Chebbi, emphasized that these are outdated and represent the new federation.

“We don’t want to listen to them. We will never accept that. If we act on the rhetoric of club presidents, the TFF will not be held responsible. If all clubs are in the Super League pool There are 25 referees. 6 of them are injured and 19 remain. There is no such thing. Anyway MHK cannot appoint referees. There is a normal flow and there is a system. There are about 40 criteria. According to these criteria, referee appointments are done by computer. No club should say they don’t want this referee. No. They don’t choose. They all have points and the system assigns them accordingly.

We evaluate referee performance both materially and morally. If the economy is good, you will gain financially, and if it is bad, you will lose money. The system creates referees who are punished for 2-3 weeks. It’s not personal. Six young referees must be appointed. Just because you don’t want it doesn’t mean that. So let’s leave this league. Take a look at your team. Don’t let the presidents and coaches criticize themselves and talk about referees, talk about referees. “

Coach’s end of game statement

Asked if any penalties would apply to the club manager’s statement about the referees at the end of the match, Buyukeksi said they had good intentions from the start but there was a limit to everything. .

“If the borders are pushed, we will not hesitate to do what is necessary. I have written to five European countries and are investigating their instructions. No. Right to change instructions. No. There are 15 other teams and teams in other leagues. There is a lot of work to be done. Let’s imagine that the national team will play in the C League and will be able to repeat the successes of the past. Let’s talk about these. Lying on the ground, 30 seconds later, you run like a greyhound. We are not the enemy, we must recognize this. If the loser of the match comes out and immediately declares the referee guilty, this business cannot go on.”

Büyükekşi added that he worked with RTÜK to create a commercial film in the form of public service announcements to better understand the VAR system and that it can reduce discussions about VAR.