Murat Baldak’s reaction to Akshenar’s book “Citizen Information”: He shoots his foot


Have you ever read “Citizen Science” by Murat Baldak, who said, “Mr. Meral will make a textbook if she takes power?” The captions are:

Professor Meral Akşener, Chairman of the IYI Party. Dr. He distributed a book entitled “Medeni Birgilla” written by Afetonan, whose main author was said to be Ataturk, distributed to party organizations, and when they came to power. He said he would make a “textbook”.

At a party group meeting yesterday, Akshener said: Do you know who wrote it? Veteran Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. … receive this and distribute it to all youth organizations. From now on, this is our gift next to Nutuk. According to civic information, Principal Mustafa Kemal Ataturk published in the name of his spiritual daughter Afetonan to share his vision of citizenship with the Turkish people, but later found out that he wrote it himself. He wanted it to be taught at school. Hopefully we will teach this as a lesson from elementary school when we come to power. This is an important task … “

Meral doesn’t think she’s reading a book that couldn’t be emptied or knowing it well because she can’t imagine a politician reading this book and noticing it. Much of its content will make such good comments about the book!

First, let me briefly talk about the history of the book that Mr. Meral mentioned.


“Citizen Information” is a collection of publications created by Afet Hanım since 1929 on subjects that all citizens should know, from taxes to military service, elections to national organizations, the concept of “state” and even religion. Some of them were previously published as textbooks, all of which were published in a single volume by Afet Hanım in 1969. In the preface to the co-publishing of the Turkish Historical Society, Mr. Afett said: “… These books were published in my name, but it is my duty to tell the historical truth that they were inspired by Ataturk’s ideas and suggestions. The style is entirely his own. I think. “That is, the book is actually” Ataturk’s work, “he says, adding a handwritten note of Ataturk and his intimate circle at the end of the book.

Now let’s move on to the most important part of the problem: some statements in the book in question.

“Civilized Knowledge” is a work of an era when the revolution dominated all violence. The caliphate was abolished and the lodge and Zawiya were closed. Reforms have been made in social life, writing and many other areas. At that time, the new regime had some arrangements for religious life and was preparing to implement a brand new religion peculiar to the Republic of Turkey. Some expressions in the book are a product of understanding of that era, but in the years that followed, they were all abandoned and did not apply.

“Brain memory …”

Ataturk’s thoughts on Islam, one of these statements, are:

“… Some people say that the unification of religions also has an effect on the formation of a country. However, the opposite is seen in the photographs of the Turkish people in front of us.

Before the Turks embraced the Arab religion, they were a great country. After accepting the Arab religion, it did not affect Arabs, Persians of the same religion, Egyptians, etc., and united with the Turks to form a nation. On the contrary, it loosened the ties of the Turkish people and paralyzed the emotions and excitement of the people. This was very natural. Because the purpose of the religion founded by Muhammad was to lead to (or more) Arab nationality policies that transcend all nationalities (resulting in an Arab nationality policy). Those who embraced Muhammad’s religion were forced to forget themselves and devote their lives to raising the words of Allah everywhere. However, he worshiped and appealed to Allah not in his own language but in the Arabic book that Allah sent to the Arabs. Unless he learned Arabic, he didn’t know what he was saying to Allah. Faced with this situation, for centuries the Quran did not know what they were doing or what they should do, but they did not know the meaning of the word. However, by memorizing the Qur’an, he became an amazing memorizer “…”

Please let me know for anyone interested in all these statements. Find any edition of Citizen’s Information, for example, a publication produced by the Ataturk Culture, Language and History Higher Education Institute in 1988, and read carefully between pages 364 and 370.

Citizen information, which Mr. Meral ordered to distribute to party organizations and said, “If you take power, make a textbook,” has more expressions in this sense …

I will rewrite my opinion about this book mentioned at the beginning of the article.

I don’t think Mr. Meral has a comprehensive knowledge of books, let alone read “Citizen’s Knowledge” seriously. It’s no different from a politician recommending this book to a party organization and shooting through the foot, saying that if you take power, you’ll make a textbook!

Source: Habertürk-Murat Baldakki