Muhsin Bayrak Facts: No Ads or Offers … It Turns Out To Be A Liar-Sports

Muhsin Bayrak announced his name in Chelsea. But it was all about promoting and selling his own cryptocurrencies. His goal was reportedly to increase interest in cryptocurrencies and then disappear. Strengthening these claims is to promote Chelsea news every time it comes out. Turkey may face new Thodex incidents, but Mussin Bayrak denies them. There were three offers to buy Chelsea, but businessman Mufsin Bayrak is not on the list.

It turns out that Musin Byrac, who insisted on buying Chelsea, did not make an offer. It turns out that Muhsin Bayrak is focusing on the cryptocurrency business in the wind received in the Chelsea news. Muhsin Bayrak, who ran an advertising campaign in all official statements, said in a statement to Reuters that he missed the bid submission deadline, due to a misunderstanding of the procedure.

Where is the name

So when did the name of Musin Byrac, which everyone wonders, first come to the news? It was found that the Istanbul police statement on the operation in Istanbul between 2003 and 2005 also included the name of Musin Byrac.

A 2005 police statement stated that between 2003 and 2005, 179 criminal groups were operated, 3,754 were arrested, and 949 were arrested.

The statement contained the phrase “Flag Brothers, one of the members of the tribe who influenced Gaziosmanpasha.”

Republican Uzari Gang

That same year, a team from the Organized Crime Branch tracked a gang from Maggot in Gaziosmanpasha. They were determined to be involved in “armed attacks,” “injuries,” “detention,” “intimidation,” and “blackmail.”

Eleven people were detained during an operation conducted by security forces on March 1, 2005, including Muhsin Bayrak, who is alleged to be the leader of the gang.

During a search conducted on the person and the address they indicated, one Uji automatic weapon, nine unlicensed pistols, 600 Kalashnikov bullets, and a signed promissory note worth 10 trillion TL were seized.

In 2005 news, Nefzat Byrac, who killed Gaziosmanpasah Mayor Mustafayesir on September 3, 2002, was also active in the same gang.

Muhsin Bayrak denies these claims and calls them similar in name.

Tax list questions

Another question that came to everyone’s mind was how Muhsin Bayrak would give Chelsea a lot of money. Based on this question, Muhsin Bayrak, who asked why his name wasn’t on the tax list on March 8, said, “18 different companies are paying taxes separately. The holdings are roofs. You may not have seen it. There are 18 companies, not just one. Half of them are in Turkey. “

Not on the site

So what came from the ABGruP Holding website? The group’s website states that it operates in four key areas, including construction, real estate, energy, cryptography, and overseas project titles.

According to the information on the site, Madnasa Türkbükü, Madnasa Zirve, Nişantaşı Bayrak Houses and AB Life Houses, which are considered construction and real estate projects, are in the spotlight, but some projects are not yet completed. The phrase “I’ll realize the project soon” caught my eye.

AB Group Holding claims to operate in the energy sector and does not invest under the energy heading on its website.

AB Stocks has 6,522 Instagram accounts, 227 Linked accounts, and only 583 Twitter accounts, which are included in the cryptographic technology section, which is presented as one of the company’s most active areas of activity. I am.