Muhammed Demirci: I must always be the best-Besiktas (BJK) News

The titles “Domestic Messi” first, then “Disappointment” … two periods as different as black and white that began with a black and white adventure … Muhammed Demilch, Erzincan, who had long been headlined in his decline. He finished the season with 16 goals and 10 assists in 35 games against the jersey. Also, we are in front of the Super League at Wink. We went to Besiktas and Barcelona Day with Demirchi, then we talked about the future. The 27-year-old actress is more aggressive than ever this time! Now that word is in Mohammed …

You can see the entire interview with Muhammed Demirci and his friend Atalay Özçelikli here 👇🏻

“I was Birich’s first choice.”

“When I first went camping with Team A at the age of 14 when I was in Schster, the main scenario started there … if the ball hit the pole behind 2 to 1 in the famous Galatasaray match. During the 2013-14 season, my career may have moved to different locations. Slaven Bilic’s first choice at the club is usually me. I became a player and he trusted me a lot. He gave me too much expectations. I didn’t have the opportunity to play like a normal player. I may not be good at soccer every day. But I wasn’t given this opportunity. I must always be “” did not become. The best. ” I was asked “5” if I needed a “1”. If I ran “5”, I was asked “10” because I knew there was no limit. This hurt me! ”

Demilch said Slaven Bilić was very interested in him during the Besiktas era and did not listen to Croatian teachers, even though he said “don’t go” when rented to Gaziantep BB. He said he made a mistake because of it.

“I’m angry with Shenor Günes”

“I didn’t have a chance during Shenor Günes’ term. When I went to Gaziantep on a loan, things went wrong and I was removed from the team because of the high cost. That period was very difficult. Still A Besiktas player, very young and no one supported me. I was alone for 5 months. I had a hard time. Then I returned to Besiktas but I didn’t have a chance. Dozens. I was hoping “don’t go” many times, so I thought I would go to a camp in Besiktas for the new season and make a decision there. But when the season started, I wasn’t on the list. They didn’t even help me draw the way. Again, the process was not well managed. I’m indignant … ”

Demilch said that neither the coach nor the club gave him a chance during Shenor Günes and emphasized that he had not received support from Besiktas for his career orientation as a young player.

“Besiktas and the national team …”

“At Erzinjan, I had the trust and beliefs I had never seen in my life. I tried not to bother them on behalf of the people who supported me. First, prepare for personal training. Season. It was a very good season. I scored 16 goals and assisted 10. I missed the play-off, so I might have intended to go to the first league with Erzinjan. It didn’t happen … my goal is now. Top leagues … I’m not sure which team to sign with, so I’m getting offers from both the Super League and the First League. I will be active in the top league and super league for another year. If I play in the super league, I think there is no possibility that I will not be able to participate in the A representative. “

“Barcelona was no different from a game in the neighborhood.”

The days of Barcelona were good. I didn’t go there like Barcelona, ​​I went somewhere with infrastructure and friends in the neighborhood. I was just a kid … it was like a neighborhood game to me. The family didn’t happen, there were other problems, it didn’t happen … some people decided and thought this was the right thing … no problem with football. Sometimes I say “I wish I were there”. Emre Demil is now mature. I hope he succeeds and makes us proud. “

“There are a lot of people like Kerem in the lower leagues.”

“When I won the third league, I came to the team in the second half. Kerem Akturkor did more than in the first half. He continued to do so in the second half. There are many things in Kerem. There is. Galatasaray discovered it and accepted it. Like Kerem in the lower league. “There is a very good player. He needs to score a lot to get attention. Anatolia. Teams need special attention. Lower leagues. There are very young and talented players. “

The 21-year-old soccer player played 51 games in Galatasaray last season, scoring 13 goals and 12 assists.

“Proposals for Arda and Emilhan …”

“I didn’t have a career to advise Arda Gurel and Emilhan Ilkan. I think there are a lot of people right now. Physically and mentally … there is no name to guide us in the right direction. It was. At that time. What I can tell them is the people around them who benefit them. Tell them their story … “

The technical committee and community have big dreams for Emilhan while Arda Gurel is on the radar of the European giant in a short period of time.

“Schuster couldn’t believe it.”

“We went to Spain for the Atletico Madrid match, but at that time Schuster wasn’t working with us. Our coach, Calvalhal … we are Atletico. I was doing sweat training at the stadium. The next day there was a UEFA match. Schuster also came. I will visit because he lives in Spain. He saw me. They saw you. Would you like to play? “He said. I was 14-15 years old when he took me to the first camp. Two years later we had such a conversation, and I hadn’t been played yet. “

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