Muhammad Ali’s legacy lives on in training camps-TRT Spor

The AA team visited a camp called “Fighters Haven” in Muhammad Ali in Deer Lake, Pennsylvania, about two hours away from New York City.

The camp, which covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 6 acres, is a gym with a boxing ring in the center trained by Muhammad Ali, a kitchen with seats and dining for 18 to 20 people, a hut with a boxer’s bed, a small he prays for. A mosque, and a small mosque for his team. There are other huts where he stays.

Mick Stephanek, general manager of the camp, provided information on the history of the facility and said he bought it when Muhammad Ali felt he needed to refocus his career after regaining his boxing license. rice field. To the Vietnam War.

“He was training in a street gym and wanted to stay out of the way of the big city. At first he was preparing for the open ring on the Deer Lake farm, but the weather such as rain and wind Trained when conditions blocked him, the land was purchased, closed and closed in 1972. A permanent campground was built. “

There was no electricity or water in the camp.

Muhammad Ali said he actively used what he called “Fighters Paradise” until 1981, and the legendary boxer said he had been preparing for a match with his family and teams at the camp for several months before going to the match. Said. As Joe Frazier and George Foreman.

Stephanek had no electricity or water during the first few years of the camp. Gas lamps were used at night, water needs were met with manual pumps, and the hut was heated with a coal stove in winter. Muhammad Ali’s aunt cooked a meal at the camp.

Stephanek said the name on the camp’s large rock was written by Muhammad Ali’s father and was intended to honor the famous boxer of the time.

After Mohammed Ali quit boxing, he said he rented a camp to a non-governmental organization that supports women for $ 1 a year until 1997, and Stephanek said the camp was used as a karate hall and accommodation from 1997 to 2016. I shared the information.

“Muhammad Ali was very generous and kind. We are trying to keep the heritage alive.”

Stephanek was purchased by a fan of the legendary boxer Mike Madden, the son of real estate agent John Madden, a real estate agent, about three months after Muhammad Ali’s death on June 3, 2016. The state of the first few years said it had returned to the state of.

The refurbishment took about three years, and Stephanek continued:

“Through the restoration and remodeling of the camp, we wanted to respect the life and heritage of Muhammad Ali. This place is open to the public. Admission is free. We only accept donations and these donations Is sent to the Muhammad Ali Foundation. He attends Louisville, Kentucky, the Michael J. Fox Parkinson Foundation, and an organization for people with disabilities in the area. Who was Muhammad Ali training at this camp? But now that it’s available for free, I want to keep it. That spirit is alive. He was very generous, kind and kind. We continue to live that aspect of his life and his heritage. I’m trying. “

Stephanek pointed out that camps haven’t been heard much since the Covid 19 epidemic officially began, but despite the Covid 19 epidemic, there were visitors from almost every state. “Every year, we have more traffic and more visitors. Slowly but surely our reputation is growing.” He said.

“The camp is open to the public for free.”

Stephanek said he currently spends an average of 90 minutes in a camp that is visited by 3,000 people a year, sharing information that most of the visitors come from people around him a few hours away.

Stephanek said camp visitors were particularly impressed with the gym in the center of the boxing ring, which features historical photos and videos of Muhammad Ali, adding: “Everything in the camp is revived, giving visitors the feeling and similarity of when Muhammad Ali trained here. It’s free and open to the public to anyone who wants to come.” I used the phrase.

Recalling that at least 50 years have passed for a Pennsylvania location to be officially considered a historic site, Stephanek will be awarded this title for the “Fighters Paradise” camp, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. I shared the information. October.

Who is Muhammad Ali?

Born January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, Muhammad Ali became the “best ever” boxer in the sports world and became known at the age of 20.

Named after Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. Ali before converting to Islam, Ali was interested in Islamic religions that do not discriminate against people by language or race, and at the beginning of his professional career, Nation. Familiar with the Islamic movement.

The friendship he made with Malcolm X, one of the most powerful names of black American leaders, led to the maturation of the thoughts and goals of a black boxer who won almost every boxing match he played around the world. It was effective.

In 1964, Boxer, who defeated world champion Sonny Liston at the age of 22, announced to the world that he had converted to Islam after becoming a champion and renamed him “Muhammad Ali” on live broadcast.

Muhammad Ali reminded those who called him by his old name on all television and radio shows that appeared after that day, that his name was Muhammad Ali.

At the height of his career, Muhammad Ali refused to participate in the Vietnam War as an American soldier in 1966. Therefore, his boxing license, passport, and title were revoked and he was sentenced to five years in prison and a fine.

An Islamic athlete who did not compromise his struggle with his principles in social life and the intellectual world, as well as boxing, won the appeal in 1971 and returned to the ring.

Muhammad Ali, who has made three-time history as a world heavyweight boxing champion throughout his career, did not give up his social responsibility and mission until his death, despite Parkinson’s disease.

Beloved not only by his black community, but by all Americans and authorities, Ali was highly regarded around the world for his professional sports skills and human rights commitments.

The legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, also known as the “Golden Globe,” died on June 3, 2016, at the age of 74, due to a respiratory illness.