Mounted KIZILEL MAMIUS wings

The wings of the KIZILELMA Combat Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System (MIUS) developed by Baikal Defense have been assembled. KIZILELMA production activities are continuing.

Baikal Defense continues to produce KIZILE LMA, which was developed within the scope of the Combat Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System (MIUS) project. The final assembly of the KIZILELMA mockup wings has been completed. Turkey’s largest unmanned aerial vehicle is scheduled to fly for the first time next year.

In a statement made by Baikal’s technical leader Selcuk Bairaktal on this matter, “Red apple When he joined us with new wings, we immediately decided to take a picture. The statement was included.

Bayraktar Kuzuruma (MIUS)

In parallel with the rapid development of technology, future aerial warfare is expected to take place in unmanned combat aerial vehicles in the rapidly changing defense doctrine. In this regard, the BAYRAKTAR KIZILELMA (MIUS) combat unmanned aerial vehicle system, which continues to be developed nationwide and specifically by Baikal, guides the concept of future combat.

The combat unmanned aerial vehicle system, developed by Baikal and built on the experience of the Bayraktar UAV / S0054HA, which has transformed the world’s games, works by equipping it with futuristic technology.

Landing and takeoff on a short runway

Bayraktar Kzulma carries out missions abroad as it has the ability to land and take off on short runway vessels, such as the TCG ANADOLU vessel built by Turkey and currently undergoing cruise testing. can do. It plays an important role. With this ability It also plays an active role in protecting Blue Homeland.

Radar visibility is low

MeIt is one of the most important considerations in the manned fighter design process.Arak The design of Bayraktar Kzulma also took into account the small radar cross section evaluated. Bayraktar KIZILELMA has a low radar trace, which allows it to successfully perform the most difficult tasks.of The takeoff weight is 6 tons. dieWe are aiming for cost. By Turkish engineer sideAircraft that use all the ammunition developed plan It makes a great power multiplier with a payload capacity of 1500 kilograms. 500nm mission radius statee Stay in the air for 5 hourscost subject Bayraktar KuzurumaHigh situational awareness with integrated AESA radar of Will have

First flight in 2023

By developing Bayraktar AKINCI, BAYKAR has succeeded in making Turkey one of the few countries that can develop unmanned aerial vehicles in the attack class. KIZILELMA’s first flight test In 2023 I am aiming to achieve it.Bayraktar AKIN CIT0054HA’Entered the integration line in 2018 and a year later December 6th Successfully completed the first flight in 2019Outside.. AKINCI has been around 1.5 years since its first flight August 29, 2021 Please enter inventoryErer has started operations. Under the leadership of Sel├žuk Bayraktar. Baikal teamTo The aim is to implement a similar project process for Bayraktar Kuzuruma.


BAYRAKTAR KIZILELMA (MIUS) is capable of conducting aerial combat with aggressive maneuvers, and is a power multiplier for security forces with a small radar cross section. The Bayraktar Kuzuruma (MIUS) has the ability to take off and land from ships with short runways and can attack targeted targets with ammunition on board.

Basic flight performance standards

  • 500Nm duty radius
  • Operating altitude of 35,000 feet
  • 5 hours broadcast time
  • Maximum takeoff weight 6 tons
  • 0.6 Mach movement speed
  • 1500 kg payload capacity

Advanced features

  • Automatic landing and takeoff
  • Low visibility
  • High mobility
  • In-line and in-line communication
  • Takeoff and landing capability from short runway aircraft carriers
  • High situational awareness with AESA radar

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