“More than 100,000 people participated in the celebration”-TRTSpor

Images of Trabzonspor’s fan congratulations, proclaiming the championship with a 2-2 draw with Fraport TAVAntalyaspor in the 35th week of the SporToto Super League on Saturday, April 30th, are now on the agenda on both national and international platforms. rice field.

Images of the Championship Celebration Program, supported by institutions under the leadership of the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, were shared and of great interest by many segments, especially FIFA.

In a statement to AA correspondents about the championship celebration, Trabzon Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu said that after many years, Trabzonspor held the championship rope.

Emphasizing this important success of the Burgundy blue team over the years, Zorluoğlu added that celebrations have been held in various parts of the square and in the city, making it a national and international agenda. rice field. He said.

Recalling that they celebrated the championship outside the square of Trabzon, Zorluoğlu continued his words:

“10,000 people participated in the stadium, more than 20,000 watched the game and celebrated at the Trabzon Nations Garden. 10,000 people and all 18 people again participated in every street, boulevard and square in the city. In the district, and in many cities in Turkey and Istanbul. The championship was maximally celebrated in Turkey. This championship was said to be celebrated in 81 states for the first time. In fact, the championship is 81. Celebrated in the state. Very special in Trabzon. Our anador agency also shared beautiful images here and became a trend not only in Turkey but also in the world. This is a spectacular light show and 100,000 men and women of all ages from all disciplines participated here. They came together. “

In soccer played by Trabzonspor. Zorluoğlu emphasized that management, technical committees, supporters, institutions, cities, in-field and out-of-field organizations deserve the championship to the end, “No one has any doubts about this. Everyone To be fair, Trabzonspor says it deserves the championship to the end. He believes this is very important and very proud. Congratulations on Trabzonspor in the championship, “he said.

“100,000 people enjoyed together in peace and tranquility.”

Pointing out that there was no public order and morals or turmoil at the celebration, Zorluol said, “100,000 people enjoyed together in peace and tranquility. This is a great benefit to Trabzon and our country. I want to thank the citizens and supporters. I used the “” phrase.

He noted that the celebration also contributed significantly to the promotion of Trabzon at both the national and international levels, and Zorluol said, “We held this celebration as a metropolitan area. We were leaders, but of course. Governor, police, districts, especially the city of Ortahisar. “Our municipalities have supported these organizations. I thank all our organizations that have created them, especially the metropolitan areas. Our city. Good luck again, “he said.

Zorluoğlu said he has been celebrating the championship for some time, saying, “We have held similar organizations of all sizes, both large and small, both in the square area and around the stadium. DJs and stage performers are ready. Our fans were preparing for this great enthusiasm, happiness, and celebration, so their rehearsals were previously held in a small organization and we had that great enthusiastic celebration. Alhamdriller, a great organization that has made noise around the world, has made a significant contribution to our Trabuzon and will continue to do so. “

Zorluoğlu said they ran a great organization in peace and tranquility without the use of combat, noise and weapons: “Now our goal is to achieve something bigger than this. Metropolitan Municipality, Trabzonspor Club, and the city. Such an organization will continue in future matches. “He concludes his speech.