Montreux Warning from USA to Turkey: We Fullly Trust Turkey

US Deputy Secretary of State Sherman, who was visiting Turkey, talked about the situation in the tense strait between Russia and Ukraine and the diplomatic situation that is refocusing on the Montreux Convention.


US Deputy Secretary of State Sherman said, “Turkey will implement Montreux properly. Turkey is very transparent in the decision-making process. No one wants the strait to be part of such a war. “.

US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman spoke to Senna Alkan of Habertürk and made an important statement. The highlights of Sherman’s speech are:

Putin is afraid of his own people
Sanctions do not stop Putin’s unjust and unjust planned war. It doesn’t seem to be enough to deter. But this will pay Putin a great price. It will be expensive for the people around him. The cost is also high for Russians. The ruble loses value, companies withdraw, and journalists can be seen leaving.

Even those who protest face prison time. Putin seems to be afraid of his own people.

Putin wants to rule Ukraine. He wants to overthrow the current government and replace the name he can control. If Ukraine continues to resist, Putin now seems to have his eyes on Ukraine’s national state. Ukraine did nothing to intimidate. Russia is a big economy.

There are oil and gas. Ukraine has never threatened Russia. All that happened was an unjust, free, planned and brutal slaughter.

Babies are born in shelters. Children live in shelters. I have a baby who needs intensive care at a subway station. How can a person do this …

Thank you for your support in Turkey
At this point Turkey has become an incredible NATO ally. It also provides serious support to the Ukrainian people on the humanitarian side. They are trying to do their best for the Ukrainian people. President Erdogan met with Erenisky and provided his support and support. He is working hard to end this situation. He is trying to change course with Putin. We are grateful for the leadership that Turkey has shown and the strong support that Turkey has provided to its NATO allies.

F-16 technical discussions continue
Our position as a NATO member is long-term, and President Biden addressed these issues in his speech to the country. At this point, the United States does not want to send US troops to Ukraine. However, if an attack occurs in a NATO country, we will do our best to protect every corner of that country. Turkey is also part of NATO. Regarding the problems of the S-400, F-16, and F-35, my understanding is as follows. Technical negotiations continue at the F-16. We know that the S-400 is a bit long-term problem. Maybe it’s time to solve this problem and find another way. At this point, let’s see what we can do. It all depends on the situation. We are meeting with a colleague. Of course, you have the law and the law, and so do we. I have to say that there is nothing impossible. Putin needs to end this deliberate, unjust and illegal war as soon as possible.

We are completely confident that Turkey will implement Montreux.

We completely trust Turkey. Apply Montreux properly. Turkey is very transparent in the decision-making process. No one wants to see the strait become part of such a war. We are completely confident in Turkey.

NATO is a defense community, not offensive
Each and every one is responsible for this horrific war. He is Vladimir Putin. He is solely responsible. NATO is not a threat to Russia. NATO is a defensive community rather than an offensive one. What Putin is trying to do is break into a sovereign country. He attacks national independence, territorial integrity, and self-determination. The related contract already protects this.

It violated our NATO principles in the Russian invasion. At this time, we do not believe NATO is responsible for Putin’s actions. He has different ideas in his head.

But there is no right to invade the country and rob democracy.

Putin has already decided that
Putin always says something different. He also made different remarks at our bilateral meeting. The meeting was held a few weeks ago, but it seems to be a few years ago. He said: Ukraine should never join NATO. I don’t want to see dangerous weapons in Europe, and NATO should return to its pre-97 state, and those who have joined NATO since then should leave. We could talk, but he didn’t want to talk anything. He had already decided. He wanted to force Ukraine to invade.

We need to reduce nuclear risk
NATO should not generate nuclear power in Europe. But is it Russian? This is not fair. NATO defense community. If the United States and Russia are the world’s largest nuclear powers, we must take responsibility and mitigate risk. It needs to be miniaturized. We have related contracts and contracts in this regard and we are relatively successful. You can agree on this. What about weapons in space? There were many problems that Russia could sit and talk with us. But Putin’s decision was to force him to invade the country. This is scary.

The phone rang suddenly as the plane was preparing to come here. This attack was against a nuclear power plant. I think it is the largest power plant in Europe. Fortunately, it was very safe, but still very scary. We were afraid until we got more information. These things are very scary. The Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency has stated many things that must be done. He explained how these power plants could be protected. A safe zone is provided. These are dangerous for Ukraine, but they are also very dangerous for Europe as a whole, and even for Russia. You should not see an attack on a nuclear power plant. But this seems to be one of Putin’s intentions. This is really scary.

Turkey accepts 4.5 million refugees
Millions of civilians were affected by the war. Many have left the country. You are accepting 4.5 million people as Turkey. You know what they mean. Within a week, nearly one million people became refugees. They were mainly women and children. The man had to fight. It is difficult for mothers and grandmothers to see this. I hope this war will end soon. Thank you very much.