Moment of horror in the apartment: “Who did you come to?” He said, beaten and died.

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The incident took place on Saturday, March 12, at Pınar Mahallesi in Esenyurt. A citizen named Jurdurum D., who reportedly returned from work with the bread he bought, suspected the two waiting at the entrance to the apartment and asked, “Who came?” Those who got angry with the question responded with anger, saying, “Hey, you’re itchy, we’ll beat you.” Citizens who were angry with the situation asked people, “What should I do, do I beat me?” There was a dispute between them when he reacted. Jurdurum D., who later picked up his cell phone, called the apartment manager to explain the situation. When the manager picked up the phone, the people who pulled the phone out of his hand began to attack Jurdurum D.

Being overwhelmed by the murder

An attacker who wanted to resist an individual attack hit Jurdrum D.’s head with a hard object and began kicking the inhabitants of a building that had fallen to the ground. Those who continued to beat the unconscious citizens on the ground for a few minutes thought he was dead because Jurdurum D. did not move. Those who stole the phone standing on the ground fled the building. A few minutes later, the attacker called his uncle who lived in the apartment and said, “We killed someone, run away immediately.” As soon as the call came in, the attacker’s relatives left the apartment, ignoring their neighbors lying on the ground.

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“When I arrive myself, I can’t find a phone to call an ambulance.”

Jurdurum D., who came to himself a few minutes after the incident, noticed that he had lost a large amount of blood and wanted to inform the medical team. Citizens who learned that there was no phone when they looked around noticed that the attacker had escaped with his phone. The injured man who called the medical team on his wife’s phone was taken to the hospital. Dermaz, who had dozens of cracks in his head and body, was immediately treated. The police team, which began working on the case, quickly caught and detained the attacker.

“If they told me they would come to the guest, something like that would never have happened.”

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Yıldırım D. States: “When I quit my job and came home, I saw someone waiting in front of my apartment. When I went inside, I noticed someone in front of the elevator. I lived in my apartment for eight years. I couldn’t recognize the person and thought there was something wrong. I doubted the person and asked, “Who did you come to?” And they answered me, “What’s wrong with you, you want to beat.” I said I was asking a normal question and said, “If you come as a guest, say you are a guest.” Then an outside friend came and suffocated me. I reflexively pushed him against the wall, and there was a short battle between us. If we were told we were guests, we came here as guests, so that’s not a problem. I wanted to call the manager to let me know. When I was on the phone, someone picked up my phone from my hand and then I started being beaten. They didn’t let me talk to the manager, while they blackmailed me. When I tried to resist them, they hit me with something. After the blow, I lost consciousness. Of course, they didn’t stop, they kept kicking my head. They didn’t even look at the camera, so they beat me to death. When they are still there, they escape by stealing their phone. When I came to myself, I searched for my phone on the floor to call an ambulance, but I couldn’t find it. Then I went home and called an ambulance from his wife and went to the hospital. “

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“We killed someone, run away there”

“We later learned that these people were the nephews of our neighbors. After they fled, they called and said,” We killed someone and fled from there. I did. ” I want the authorities to be arrested as soon as possible. “