Missing Russian Minister Appears: A Shocking Nuclear Statement!

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In a meeting with seniors, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said, “We will continue to provide weapons and equipment in advance with financing. Our priority is long-range high-precision weapons and aircraft equipment. , To support the readiness of strategic nuclear weapons in combat. ” Military personnel.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu met with the military hierarchy of the Russian army. At a meeting attended by Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov, Shoigu talked about weapons supply and budget issues.

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Shoigu read the decision and said, “We are implementing state defense force orders in a planned manner in light of the difficulties we experienced today. This year’s budget lending has increased by 15% over the previous year. Given that, of course, we need to consider what we should pay particular attention to when fulfilling State Defense Force orders.

Despite sanctions on Russia, Shoigu said 85% of the country’s contracts have been fulfilled and orders will be completed next month.

“Prioritize ordering high-precision long-range weapons, aviation equipment, and strategic nuclear weapons.”

Shoigu: “The amendment to the Veterans Act, which considers those who participated in special military operations in Ukraine as veterans, has been approved. Relatives of soldiers in this category are also supported. The Department of Defense is social for all personnel. We are fulfilling our responsibilities. This applies to military and civilian payments, and of course to our veterans, “he said.

“Our priority is to support the war readiness of strategic nuclear weapons.”

“Given the implementation of special military operations, we need to meet the deadline for supplying advanced weapons to the military this year, including robotic systems, information assistance and electronic warfare. We will continue to provide weapons and equipment in advance. Our priority is long-range, high-precision, “helping weapons, aircraft equipment, and strategic nuclear forces prepare for combat,” he said.
Shoigu also said he had talked with the Ministry of Finance on issues related to military budgets and defense orders.

Missing Russian Minister revealed: A shocking nuclear statement

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It leads to speculation, not seen since March 11th

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who has appeared in the Russian media many times since the start of Russia’s attack on Ukraine and met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, suddenly disappeared.

Shoigu did not reveal his whereabouts for 12 days, but attended a Security Council meeting chaired by Putin on March 24. However, Shoigu’s speech, which appeared on the screen in a very short time, did not broadcast his voice.

Various allegations were made in Russia that Shoigu was fired, but some groups claimed that he was in poor health.

Missing Russian Minister revealed: A shocking nuclear statement

Shoigu is Putin’s right arm, but his name is the subject of coup rumors.class = “medianet-inline-adv”>

Finally, Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Herashchenko said in a statement, “Shoigu had a heart attack, so he has not been public since mid-March. Shoigu has been after Putin’s violent reaction. I had a heart attack. The failure of a military operation in Ukraine. He is currently at the main army headquarters. He is being treated. He is currently at the Nikolai N. Herashchenko clinic. “