Miralem Pyanick: “Someday Pay Besiktas Championship Debt”


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Besiktas couldn’t finish the season in Super League and Europe, but the arrival of Miralem Pyanik, who was hired from Barcelona on the final day of the transfer, had a big impact. The expired Bosnian star said this wasn’t goodbye and he would come back to Besiktas while giving Hulliyette his final interview in Turkey. The statement of a famous soccer player is as follows:

I talked and signed with President Ahmet Nuru Sebi for two minutes.

“I came here with hope. Last year I came to a team that won two trophies, despite the impossibility and lack of staff. I came to the team I came from. Former journalist Vedat Vatansever, who died, couldn’t finish talking about Besiktas, then my friend Tossic called. Ceyhun Kazancı and Ahmet Nur Cebi for 2 minutes. I told you. Then I came for a sign. I tried to show the expected football, but the pandemics and injuries that occurred in the meantime ruined all my plans. Turkey is my. It’s my second home. But I want to continue my football life in Italy. Thanks to the Besiktas Championship. I will definitely pay someday.

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Selgen Jartin approached me very well and always supported me.


I experienced the worst disaster that could happen to my team. However, at the beginning of the season and in the Champions League match, he went out on the field with Covid-19 and a young team due to an injury. We fought tough enemies. It became zero. As a team, our morale and motivation have declined. Thankfully, the president and management have always been behind us. Director Sergen Jartin approached me very well and supported me. A man with a personality. The environment for the tech team and my friends was perfect. In Besiktas, our team generally accepted me.

Besiktas fan almost plays the dead

“I played football in many stadiums. Barcelona, ​​which holds my testimony, is like my home, but Vodafone Park has a great fan community. In every match they play, they always play against each other. I put pressure on my opponent for 90 minutes. Besiktas fans are almost dead. It was an honor to come to Besiktas. It was a wonderful atmosphere. I’m not saying goodbye, I’ll be back again.

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We are patients in stanbul

Because Besiktas is my home. I and my family are patients in Istanbul. There is an unfinished success story. I can’t find a word to describe the happiness of winning the Super Cup in the Besiktas jersey. I felt great joy as a team. “

The Derby match against Galatasaray was unforgettable

“I couldn’t play the match because of injuries and other problems. The fans have been indebted to me since the first day I came. I can’t forget the atmosphere of the match that beat Galatasaray 2-1. We are perfect. We played. We won, even though our opponents had very good weapons. The match against Kayserispor and Fenerbahce in the first half was also very exciting. “

Trabzonspor deserves a championship

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“Trabzonspor deserved the championship in the Super League. They have very good staff. Even on the bench, there was a start 11 to fight on the field. Congratulations. The big power of the Trabzonspor championship is the fans. I don’t think the Fenerbahce team should be underestimated either. I think Mest Ezil is a big factor for Fenerbahce at this point. “

Physics is important in Turkey

“Turkey’s football thinking is very different from Europe. All Turkish teams focus on physical advantage. Systems and tactics should come to the fore. Everyone sees this. Sergen Jartin tried to do his best with the staff he had. He couldn’t cope because of the pandemic and obstacles.

I have to put up with it

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Ismael is working for change and the new season. He is trying to establish a European system. It requires some faith and patience. Turkey is expected to be successful every day. This puts stress on the player. “