Minister Valank: 63 new researchers (47 of whom are Turkish) are coming to Turkey

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Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Valank attended the Horizon Europe opening event of the Turkish Council for Science and Technology Research through a video conference. Minister Valank announced the results of the second convocation of a program of national and international leaders and young researchers, also known as the brain drain to Turkey. The event was also attended by Faruk Kaymakcı, Deputy Foreign Minister and EU Ambassador, and Mariya Gabriel, a youth member of the European Commission on Innovation, Research, Culture and Education.

In his speech, Valank has demonstrated the importance of cooperation and solidarity with all nations over the past two years spent fighting the pandemic in every aspect, and we have moved from epidemic control to the same ship as humanity. Contributing to the development research of vaccines and treatments, we are the largest investment and trading partner of Turkish industry, and they are extraordinary to fully fulfill their commitment to EU countries. I emphasized that I am making an effort.

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Minister Valank said that through a platform involving Turkey, researchers from more than 100 countries have been able to develop cooperation with Turkish researchers.
Within Horizon 2020, 948 different projects, including 1,349 Turkish executives, were able to receive € 300 million from the European Union (EU), Varank said. I am. It’s more than a national contribution to pay for the EU programs we participate in. We brought it back to our country, “he said.

“30 of our researchers were supported by the European Research Council.”

Noting that the proportion of Turkish researchers benefiting from the European Research Council (ERC) Fund, which is considered to be Europe’s most prestigious research support, has recently increased, Varank said: I am. Research meeting. It’s a very important achievement for our country, “he said.

“We are bringing in 63 new researchers, 47 of whom are Turks, who are coming to Turkey through a reverse brain drain.”

The work of 127 scientists from global companies and international research institutes that invest most in research and development (R & D), one of the most prestigious universities in the world, is an international prestigious researcher program. I am aiming to bring it to Turkey. Valank was started for the best researchers in their respective fields, especially scientists from Turkey. They said they were successful, “within the program of international leaders and young researchers, 47 bring researchers to Turkey, which is Turkish. Within the program of reverse brain excretion, 63 new studies. It has become easier for people to understand or be expressed in general. “

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Minister Valank emphasized that he would also support 42 researchers who are currently studying in Turkey within the scope of the first-announced national prestigious researcher program, saying: A total of 105 leaders and young researchers. “

Call college or businessman

Minister Valank said there were expectations from universities and business people, calling for:

“Be sure to attend our face-to-face conferences, Information Day, and international project market events. Not only follow the phone calls carefully, but also let others know. Domestic contact. You will never lose contact with us. Be sure to apply for a support and awards program designed for incentive purposes. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to work with the most talented actors in the field with a state-of-the-art research infrastructure. Please access. It will bring more success to both our country and the EU. “

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Focus on customs union regulation

Minister Valank said trade unions, which began with the acceptance of the Customs Union Agreement in 1996, will take further steps in the new period and fully believe that mutual direct investment will also gain momentum.

“I want to see the same effort from our European friends.”

Mr. Valank said Turkey has not deviated from the goals of EU member states since the day it applied for candidacy, although there were occasional suspensions: I want my European friends to make the same effort. “

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Following the speech by Minister Valank, an award ceremony was held for the successful Turkish stakeholders at Horizon 2020. After the award ceremony, the event ended with a souvenir photo shoot.