Minister Kassapol: Turkey is now a sports powerhouse


Youth and Sports Minister Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu issued a statement on the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games held in Konya. Minister Kassapol, who was a guest of beIN Sports, conveyed the value and importance Turkey gives to sport and explained his vision and mission in this field. Here are the highlights of Minister Casapol’s speech…

“We had a great opening”

Regarding the recent opening ceremony, Minister Casapol said, “Last night we had a grand opening ceremony. Many citizens watched the game on the screen. , Among the organizations that held the Olympics this year, not only this year, but looking at the past few years, it is an extremely high-level organization in terms of participation and number of Olympics, with 57 member countries and 54 countries We are a member organization, with more than 6,000 people, thousands of sports fans, 24 chapters, and nearly 4,500 athletes and groups in attendance.” He used his statement.

‘Turkey is now a sports powerhouse’

Saying that Turkey is now a sports country, Minister Kassapol said: There were 12 million facilities in 2002, and 12 million facilities today, and the number has reached 20,000 facilities. The motorcade covered the entire stadium from end to end.This is the closest example of a sports revolution.In a branch that previously had no representatives,now the national anthem is sung at the top.There are athletes. This is an important step in terms of performance and data. Turkey is now a brand of sports tourism and sports organizations. Just as we provide facilities to our citizens, women, men and young people. , the elderly and the disabled have access to 85 million facilities. We make citizens visible to many authoritative organizations. was. ” Said.

“The 5th Islamic Solidarity Game is a new beginning”


Saying that the 5th Islamic Solidarity Game is a new beginning, Minister Casapol said: “Islamic Solidarity Games is a new beginning. An organization that is in harmony with the meaning and spirit of sport. Konya, a city of tolerance and love. Athletes from 54 countries have come with good intentions and will return with good memories.” Let’s go.” uttered his words.

“We don’t just build stadiums”

Commenting on the acceleration of the establishment in Turkey, Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu said: Facility construction. We don’t just build stadiums. We have athletic fields, Olympic pools, halls and ports.

basketball mobilization

Expressing their mobilization in basketball, Youth and Sports Minister Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu said: “This is a dynamic field that needs to be constantly updated. Everywhere you go in Turkey, they say equal opportunity and it’s a reality. After all, this is the process. This I believe that every child in the country is talented, if we just let the talented athletes of track and field and volleyball clear their way, they are walking, we are their fellows.10,000 of us. Ring project..Basketball is fully accessible and encouraged.There are no doors or obstacles here.Young people will come.The field and ground are ready.Mobility and dynamism are me will be shown by us,” he said in a statement.

‘The medals won are no accident’

Minister Kassapol said the medals won by Turkish athletes were no coincidence, saying: “Sustainability is very important to us. Managing both today and tomorrow in a sustainable way will lead to greater success.” Every medal I win is a coincidence.”

Increase in female athletes

Noting the increase in the number of female athletes, Minister Casapol said, “The number of female athletes has reached 50%. We are leading many countries in the world. Now we have a broader vision. We are women. We are making very strong progress in incentivizing and investing in female athletes.For women and men, it is an accessible sport policy regardless of age.

Holding large-scale events

Regarding the holding of the large-scale event, Minister Casapour said: Turkey is no longer a country requesting such an organization. Turkey is now a country sought for such an organization. Turkey is a country requested for such an organization.Some organizations are held in Turkey. Those who don’t donate to organizations will lose on behalf of those organizations.

Tokyo Olympics

Describing the Tokyo Olympics as an unforgettable time for him, Youth and Sports Minister Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu said: I have summarized the process in Tokyo in both a documentary and a book. These days, we plan to promote it. ” uttered his words.

About Super League

Regarding the Sporto Toto Superleague, Minister Casapor said: “Of course someone will win and someone will lose. But the important thing is to rejoice and grieve together. Some effort needs to be made.The role of our media is also very important here.I hope this season the game and the competition will be discussed. I wish all the teams that represent our country in the Cup every success,” he said.