Minister Akar speaks at Doha 2022 Forum: Focusing on NATO and Montreux Minister Akar speaks at Doha 2022 Forum: Focuses on NATO and Montreux

Defense Minister Hulusi Akar spoke on the theme of “Transforming into a New Era” at the panel entitled “The Evolving Perspective of Strategic Alliances” at the Doha Forum 2022 in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

NATO question

Moderator, “How does the war between Russia and Ukraine affect Turkey and Turkey’s accession to NATO?” Minister Akar replied to this question:

“Historically, nations have chosen to join the alliance to ensure security and security against threats, while the security situation is changing rapidly, so the alliance is to change the security situation. Adaptation is essential. Today we have entered a more volatile and unpredictable security environment. We are currently being tested with new hybrid threats in addition to traditional threats. We are traditional. We are aware of the threat of interstate highways. Currently, there are also terrorism, radical ideology, failed nations, frozen conflicts, mass and illegal immigration, and climate change.

Refugee statement

The number of refugees in the world has reached 85 million, Akar said: As you know, war was mainly a past national activity. Now, state-like actors and proxies (powers) also play an important role. Unfortunately, we regret that many groups or proxies are functioning as partners in some states. In addition, terrorists use social media to gather supporters and spread their ideology. They use fake news, photos and videos to disseminate disinformation. Artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and autonomous systems also need to be taken into account in the new security environment. I used an expression.

Emphasizing that the global crisis is prone to global problems that affect everyone, Akar said: Butterfly effect. It is clear that global problems require global solutions. This is why maintaining an alliance remains important to security and peace. Similarly, dialogue and multilateral cooperation. He said.

Recalling that the United Nations (UN) is the only universal platform for dealing with global issues, Akar reminded President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of the phrase “the world is greater than five” and is a UN Security Council director. Mentioned the meeting.

Keeping in mind that NATO is the most important and successful alliance in history and it is widely known that stronger members are needed to become a stronger alliance, Akar continued:

“But recently, we must state that the unjustified export restrictions of our allies to our country are affecting NATO as well as Turkey. Of course, well-trained personnel. It is possible to be a deterrent army, but it also requires a strong defense industry.

Sharing information about the defense industry that Turkey has developed on its own since 2000, Akar said that Turkey’s defense industry has grown in quality and scale, with excellent results so far under the leadership of President Erdogan. Said it was achieved.

“Currently, domestic production is 80%. Since the early 2000s, Turkey’s defense industry has switched from a purchasing model to a model with a much more independent and strong R & D base. I would like to point out, he said.

“Turkey will continue to be an active and constructive member of NATO.”

Touching on Turkey’s role within NATO, Akar said: “No doubt Turkey continues to fulfill all its responsibilities to NATO, its allies, friends and partners, our region and the world. There is no doubt about that. And Turkey is from the Balkans to the Middle East, Afghanistan and Caucasian. From Africa, and beyond, will continue to be an active and constructive member of NATO.

Akar said there have been many crises around Turkey over the last three decades, and Turkey has protected NATO, the European Union, and the southeastern border of Europe in this process: “Turkey has always been for peace, stability and security. I’ve been working. ” These crises. I used an expression.

President Erdogan has been in contact with Ukrainian and Russian leaders from the beginning, noting that he has met many times with leaders from both countries, either face-to-face or over the phone. In the meantime, the Foreign Ministers of Ukraine and Russia met in Antalya. This was an important step. It was not only for Ukraine and Russia, but for Europe and everyone. It was important. I also keep in regular contact with (Ukraine Defense) Minister (Oleksii) Reznikov and (Russian Defense) Minister (Sergey) Shoigu. I need it, he said.

Akar emphasizes that Turkey began providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine before the start of the Russian attack and sent aid on two A-400 freight planes on February 23, within the scope of humanitarian aid efforts. did. The airspace has been closed. We are in constant contact with stakeholders, especially Ukraine, to safely return the plane to Turkey. In addition, emergency humanitarian aid was sent on about 60 trucks. Further support is underway. ” Said.

“Turkey has always carried out MONTRĂ– carefully, responsibly and objectively.”

At the NATO summit, Akar reiterated Turkey’s commitment to support Ukraine, including Ukraine’s territorial integrity, political unity and sovereignty, and emphasized that President Erdogan did not recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea.

Regarding the evacuation efforts from Ukraine, Akar said: “So far, about 60,000 Ukrainians have arrived in Turkey, during which time about 16,000 Turkish citizens and 13,000 other citizens have been sent back from Ukraine to their country. I used a phrase.

Regarding Turkey’s attitude toward the Montreux Convention, Akar said: “On another important issue, the Montreux Convention has brought about the balance and stability of the Black Sea to this day. Turkey has always implemented the Convention carefully, responsibly and fairly. For the benefit of all parties. In, we need to continue like this, he said.