Metropolitan Erzurumspor aims to achieve stability in infrastructure


Ahmet Dal has issued a statement to AA correspondents about the team and goals for the new season.

Dal, who wants a season without accidents, troubles, injuries, and football on the field, said, “I hope there will be no referee mistakes or other reasons this year, or we can hardly live. No. I’ve fought twice in the Super League last season and last season. “We’re also a team that plays in the playoffs. The goal of this year’s Ellsrumspor is to finish this league with good points, of course. The issue of transfer bans. If we can get rid of this, we hope we can fight again in this league. ” He said.

They have said they have done a very serious job in football in Erzurum for the past 7-8 years, have been champions in the 3rd, 2nd and 1st leagues and have fought twice in the Super League. For the past five years, Dar said. :

“Of course, it’s not easy to demote twice this year to play the playoffs. There is the problem of demoting twice from the Super League and it also has an economic impact. Not only for us, but also for exchange rate differences and With the demotion from the league, the economy is suffering from this subtle process, and over time, sponsors are also in such a negative situation, but Elzrum is a football city. An advanced camp center that hosts 70 teams a year. We are talking about a city that has hosted several courses by the national football federation over the last 7-8 years. Of course, this is Elzrum. This is very important. It’s a city in a way. It’s a city that loves football with its fans and community. “

“No other brand in Erzurum is as famous as Erzurum Spor.”

“No brand in Erzurum is as famous as Erzurum Spor.” Dar said he was aware of this and was talking about teams of interest not only in Erzurum but throughout Turkey, the most in football than winning or losing. Belief and honesty are important, and this year’s motto is “belief and honesty.”


“This transfer ban is a hot topic here, my president,” said Dal, who said that executives, technical teams, and executive players would meet together and be happy and sad. Jobs are a new short process .. Currently our only goal is to focus on this ban and lift the ban. “This is a big hump behind the club, so we don’t necessarily transfer. No need. We are working hard to get rid of it. Of course, our biggest supporter, our Metropolitan Mayor and Honorary President, Mehmet Sekmen Bay, like the last seven years. I. We look forward to his support and the support of the elders in our city. We will contribute financially to our team. ”We used the formula.

“Gives strengthened brothers and sisters the opportunity to play from teams under the age of 19.”

In the metropolitan area Erzurumspor, infrastructure is very important in a seven-year adventure, and there are football players under the age of 19 supported by teams under the age of 19, Dar said: It is stated in. Trust them and we give them the opportunity to form. We want them to support it. This team may not be able to participate in the Super League this year, but if there are 3-4 players at the time of next year’s entry, from that team’s infrastructure, we will achieve something. This means that the resources you spend and export will somehow decrease, but this also means that our brothers will serve both Erzurum Spor and Turkish football. .. The term is “youth” insular. I made that evaluation.

This change should not be perceived as “downsizing,” saying they are doing the right thing, and Dal continued:

“We have very valuable brothers. We have good players depending on their position. They also make mistakes. We trust them to the end and in that sense infrastructure is important again. Aim for at least 3 people.-Four players from our team’s infrastructure in the next period. Of course, transfer “We also have players, managers, about the files that caused the ban. Talk to a lawyer. If they can take steps for the benefit of our club, if we can take a step, and if we can approach, we want to clear these files and start the season as soon as possible. “

How does Erzurum Spor stay in the Super League?

Asked how Erzurumspor in the metropolitan area would participate in the Super League, Dal said, “This is an infrastructure issue. Erzurumspor participated in the third league in the 2015-2016 season. The following year it was in the 2nd league. The league and the whole team were updated. The next season was the 1st league and this time the staff was completely updated. He went to the super league and got 80%. Updated. He left the Super League and updated the staff 90% again. “He said.

Dar, “Are you criticizing the update of the roster?” Answered the question, he answered:

“Achieving certain goals, 3rd league, 2nd league, 1st league, super league, 1st league, super league again … We have played in various leagues over 7 seasons and new teams The easiest way to establish continuity The team has a look, and after fighting in the third league for several years, Ellsrumspor suddenly went to the third league, the second league, the first league, the super league, It has risen to the level of institutionalization, infrastructure, etc. It comes from negligence In fact, in that sense we are all responsible within this system. This year we will fill the perimeter of this business. So we want to build a solid foundation. Of course, the goal is “go to the Super League this year.” If so, your economy, infrastructure, finances, and club facilities are all together for this. Must be.

Erzurumspor’s goal is always Süper Lig. Because the place is Süper Lig. But you drop out because you are missing some things or neglecting some things. The most important is the infrastructure. Hopefully, if we focus on youth, infrastructure and strengthen our team with 4-5 players from infrastructure, this time we can be permanent. Those kids will be players on this team, so no matter what happens. Soccer is now a very different industry. For example, if the cost of a player who agreed at 500,000 euros at the beginning of the season was 5 million euros, today it will increase to 9 million euros due to the difference in exchange rates and the number of domestic players will decrease. This also causes anxiety within the team. Somehow you’re going to get rid of infrastructure and youth. In that sense, we will do what we need to do. Our teachers, technical teams and management have made this team as permanent as possible, institutionalized the club, brought all the people of Erzurum in Turkey into this business, and somehow always named Erzurumspor. I want to remember. Win the Super League and the Super League tomorrow. Our goal is to be remembered as a team. “