Merih Demiral talks to Fanatic! “They like my character”-Sports News

Atalanta’s Merih Demiral, a successful national team soccer player who has played more than 50 games this season, announced on social media that he recently married and became a father. The 24-year-old soccer player fanatically opened the door to his house and made a very special statement.

Atalanta Infrastructure is very famous

“The facility has eight pitches. We use three of them, five of which belong to infrastructure. Atalanta has the best infrastructure in Italy. They are very famous infrastructure. We have and train and sell actors. Whenever we have the opportunity, we are trying to monitor the infrastructure match. When we talk to the club president, he says our infrastructure is the best in Italy. Stars such as Bastoni, Musabarou, Frank Kesier and Deyanklzewski always come from Atalanta’s infrastructure. “

“Atalanta is a good club for development.”

Atalanta training is very heavy and fast paced. It was harder than training for Juventus. For some training, the mileage exceeds 8-10KM. It’s the perfect club for young players who want to improve themselves and move forward. This system has been around for years and has contributed significantly to your development.

“Fans love the characters I put on the field.”

Atalanta fans are very good. They are very hot and very attached to the team. They live in soccer. I also communicate differently from them. I am very pleased with the interest they have shown. They love me, thank you. I think they love how I play, the characters I put on the field. They treat me as if I were inside them. They will prepare a Turkish banner for each match. It’s great and fun, it’s a great pleasure for me to see and play in front of them. I try to enjoy every match.

National football player Merih Demiral hosted his friend Yakuptunal at Atalanta Facilities in Bergamo.

“I played more than 50 games”

I have left the season with the most matches in my career. I have played more than 50 games with the national team. I played too many games. I also had the opportunity to grow myself. I tried to make up for my shortcomings with matches and training. This season, he made it to the quarterfinals in both the Champions League and the Europa League. It was a very good experience for me. There may have been a better season, but it wasn’t. But it’s a club that can be very successful in the coming years.

“Manchester match is unforgettable”

The first half of the Champions League match I played at Old Trafford this season was a dream for me. They already call the stadium the “dream stage”. I am very happy to play in such an atmosphere and score goals. I am also interfering with the defense. It’s an honor to be able to do all this in front of the crowd. The performance at the stadium that I have dreamed of since I was a kid will never be forgotten.

“They love baklava and Turkish sweets.”

I am also on good terms with the staff of the facility. What they think of the Turks really depends on my impression. So I pay close attention to everything. Thanks to them, they love me very much and hire me. I will take you to dinner whenever I have the opportunity. I am happy to be with you. Anyway, they always call it Turko. Every time I return from Turkey, I bring back Baklava and Turkish delight. They love it and definitely want it in every transformation. There is a risotto made by our very famous cook. We always eat before the match.

“I’m on good terms with everyone”

“I’m on good terms with everyone on the team. There are Freuler, Jim City, Corpminers, Dutch, Pessina and Italian. I’m on good terms with them. Sometimes I talk about Malinovsky and the Turkish League. He but In general, the atmosphere of team friendship is good. We supported Malinovsky when the Dutch-Russian war began. Again, I opened the form of Ahmetchark and everyone gave him Supported. “

“Everyone loved Ahmet Juruk.”

“Ahmet Juruk was loved by everyone. I didn’t have a chance to get to know him well. He said very good things about everyone I spoke to. To commemorate him. I wore a T-shirt. I felt this responsibility in myself. I wanted to score a goal, but I couldn’t score in that match, but after the match, with my friends in both the stadium and the dressing room. Shared. We visited his family with the national team. He also has a very special family. God congratulates you again. Such nice people play football We are all happy when we are doing it.

“Hakan Calhanor deserves a captain”

“We are close to Hakan Calhanor. The distance between Bergamo and Milan is about 50km. We often meet in the family. When we get together, we drink tea. Of Hakan Thanks to his wife, Cinem, he makes delicious tea. He has been promoted to captain of the national team. He deserves captain. Time has passed. It will be a much better performance. ”

“Our goal of the national team is to participate in all tournaments.”

In the World Cup qualifying, the match against Portugal went well. I showed it to everyone who could be eliminated, but it didn’t work. Currently, the national team has a new structure. In the Nations Cup, four games are ahead. We will strive for the best possible performance. Of course, the national team is a very special place. The national team is of utmost importance to me. It is very important for our country. I would like to participate in all tournaments from now on.

Memories of Meri’s unforgettable Ronaldo!

Ronaldo is a very special person. I met a lot this season. I have fought both United and Portugal. It also plays an important role in my life. What they do at Juventus is very important to me. I’m still in contact. I have such a memory with him. While playing with the Fenerbahce infrastructure, I took a picture of the moment he won the Ballon d’Or and cried in my room. I think it was 2014. I showed it when I was a teammate. He was also shocked. Of course, at that time I dreamed of playing with a great soccer player. Experience this and be very happy to be a teammate with him.

“I can’t explain the initial passership.”

Merih Demiral, who recently married Heidi Rustak and had a son, talked about her family for the first time. She said she couldn’t forget her deceased mother, and Meri also talked about her experience as her father.

“My mother did a lot of work for me. I lost her at the age of 12. Of course, experiencing this kind of thing at an early age influenced me. It also made me more connected to football. My mother would be proud. I’ve seen it lately. With this in mind, I’ve started to train more and respect my work. I’m careful. I can say that there is no day when I don’t think about it. The cover photo of my phone is always my mother anyway. “

“If you have a daughter, give your mom a name.”

During the first few years I entered the infrastructure of Fenerbahce, my mother and dad came from Kocaeli Karamrusel to watch my match. I remember the winter game. It was snowing at that time. They were on the stand and my mother wanted me to give me a coat so I wouldn’t get cold. It’s mother’s affection. I will never forget that day, and I will never forget it. If I have a daughter someday, I will name it Fatma.

“My brother Fatty lives in Alaniya. He came to me last time. We spent time together. I have a sister Duig. She will come to Italy soon. Her place is always special to me. My dad is already enjoying his retirement. She has lost weight recently. She hasn’t neglected sports. Thank God. All Is going well. May God keep us busy today. “

“I can’t say in words that I’m a father when I was young.”

“I love living out of sight already. I had a long-term relationship with Heidi anyway. Not many people knew. I don’t want to share too much. We are going to be a family. Also, Ömer Kayis was born short. Once upon a time. Having a child is indescribably happy. It’s much better to do this at an early age. Omer is the name I loved so much. Heidi named him Case. “

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