Merce Zefendi’s Summer School received 6000 applications in 2 days

The Summer Sports School has 6,800 applications in two days, with registration starting Monday, June 6th and continuing until Monday, June 13th. Always supporting sports and athletes, the city of Mercezefendi continues to work in the field of sports. In this connection, the Summer Sports School was established by the City of Mercezefendi. At the Selcuk Bay Sports Training Center, applications have begun and the Summer Sports School, which has received 6,800 applications so far, has been launched. Mayor Merkezefendi, Şeniz Doğan, unit managers and coaches participated in the program. President Doğan said he would offer courses in 13 branches of 13 facilities and that he was always with sports and athletes. Doan said: “When we started our mission, only sports were played at this facility. At the end of the three years, our sports course continues at 13 centers in Merkeze Fendi. We offer courses in many areas, from basketball, soccer to chess, wrestling to Pilates. ”After the speech, we were introduced to the specialized gymnastics we purchased for the facility.

“We have one center open.”

Şeniz Doğan, Mayor of Merkezefendi, said that the residents of Merkezefendi provided positive feedback: The facility has been engaged in sports activities for 12 months. Our purpose in these courses is to free women and children, satisfy their self-confidence, enable them to play sports and take them away from home. Our children are properly educated at our course center in line with Ataturk’s principles and reforms. We have opened one center at a time. Looking at the feedback we received from our compatriots, we can say, “I need these courses.”

“Where there is sports, there is the city of Mercezefendi.”

Mayor Doan said he aims to keep children and adolescents away from bad habits and sports addiction. We work to ensure that our children spend these months productively. We do all the training with trainers who are experts in their respective fields. Many branches have licensed players. Our successful children continue to play sports under the umbrella of the Mercezefendi Municipal Youth Sports Club and we provide them with material and moral support. Sports are very important. The bad conditions, substance abuse and bad habits that the country is experiencing are increasing. We start with young children and keep all children and adolescents away from bad habits. The reactions we receive from our mothers, fathers, and compatriots are very important and valuable. We will increase the number of courses. We will do our best to support sports. We also support amateur clubs operating in the area. Where there is sports, there is also the city of Mercezefendi, “he said.

“We want to give our children a vision”

She said she is improving the expressiveness of women at Mercezefendi, and Sheny’s Doan, Mayor of Mercezefendi, said she wanted to bring a vision to young people. “While continuing structural activities, we are also active in the fields of society, culture and sports. We know that enlightenment passes here. We are our center. I want to educate young children living in Japan through art and sports and give them a vision. I want them to change their perspective. I think that the mental development of children involved in sports and art will be different in later years. Without the support of their compatriots, they would not have been able to work so vigorously and efficiently. In the last three years, women have expressed themselves better and participated more in life. Was one of our goals. We want to enable our compatriots to lead a healthier life with the nutritionist service we launched. These body analyzers are on this service. It will help. “