Memories of Sakaryaspor live in the mini-museum-TRTSpor

The mini-museum in the association building contains many materials of the old model, such as old soccer player jerseys, boots, shorts, whistles used in the game, balls, watches, newspapers, photographs and more. The Ataturk Stadium, which was replaced by a national garden after its demolition, provides visitors with the joy of a nostalgic journey.

In addition to football, the museum contains materials and photographs from many sports departments such as tennis and wrestling, as well as photographs of the 1967 Adapazarı earthquake.

“What can we do for this city?” Said Khan Chatak, director of the Academy Sakariaspor Association. He decided to establish an association with the idea of ​​creating urban memories, especially sports memories, and said they would act completely voluntarily.

Chatak said they turned to portrait projects after Stat’s documentary. “Take black-and-white portraits of people over the age of 65 who contributed to Sakaryaspor, take CVs, scan photos from sports and add them to the digital archive. The project has two legs. It will also be a public exhibition. Said.

The shirt that TuncayŞanlı wore in Sakaryaspor is also in the museum.

Chatak emphasized that the people who worked at Sakaryaspor scanned the photographs with their own hands and thus tried to convey the implicit cultural aspects of the city to the future. “Our association has a mini-museum presentation. We have included only certain parts of the inventory, which is the most important. This is a model of the stadium’s final state before it was dismantled. Here’s a photo. Again, it’s for many athletes and sports branches. This is the model for the last version of the stadium before it was dismantled. “ He said.

Chatak emphasized that the stones of the destroyed stadium and the specially built bells are also in the mini-museum. “There are pictures of the stadium, pictures of many athletes and sports branches. For example, the belongings of an athlete who worked in Sakarya are the coaches of Sakarya, who are famous for football in Turkey. Includes boots. 1915 Born in the year Rauf Kesemen now says, “He lives in Sakarya. The Olympiacos Patras team is playing in Sakarya and he is the defender of the goal of that match. We are still his I have boots. “ I made that evaluation.

Çatak emphasized that the Adapazarı וdmanyurdu badge, written in the Ottoman language since the 1920s, is also in the museum.There is such an inventory. There are some of the jerseys we have. The Sakaryaspor Cup Winners’ Cup has a pesic jersey, now known as the European Cup. We aim to bring such inventories into the city completely voluntarily, with historical awareness and without any expectations. TuncayŞanlı has the jersey he wore when he was in Sakaryaspor. In fact, Sakaryaspor players signed the jersey in the championship that Sakaryaspor experienced this season. Thanks to Tuncay Henri, he donated a jersey to the city-changing museum. “ I used an expression.

Mr. Chatak said he would like to move the mini-museum within the association to a larger space and display his large inventory, and said he plans to do this at Nations Gardens.

“Our sole purpose is to move them into the future.”

Chatak said the mini-museum they created had three photos of Kazım Karavekir taken during his visit to Adapazarıdmanurdu, purchased from an auction and donated to the museum.

“We collect catalogs and photographs on all subjects related to the city, not just sports. There are old bus tokens and newspaper clippings. There is a newspaper published in Armenia in 1910, in Adapazarı. History is very important. “Newspaper. The name of the newspaper at that time was Elkir. It is currently being translated. Details are open to the public. We are constantly informing citizens through our social media accounts.”

Çatak emphasized that there was an article about the Olympics held at Geyve Ortaköy before the modern Olympics were accepted. “We now clearly show this both in our communication with Athens and in the copy of the article we have. This is a very important situation for Turkey. This is a very important situation for Turkey, especially Sakarya. For this reason, we are trying to share this with the World Olympic Commission. Of course, we will contact the Turkish Olympic Commission first. So to speak, we will get a lot of information by digging into history and I Our only goal is to make them the future. ” He finished his speech.