Melbe Akpinal, who was on the agenda with the words “You are a girl and they excluded me,” was unable to participate in the handball championship due to financial difficulties.


“You are a girl, you can’t wear shorts, you can’t play with men, they always excluded me” A 14-year-old handball player on the agenda in his statement Merve Akpinar And his friends were unable to participate in the Handball Turkish Championship due to financial difficulties.

Made by Merve Akpınar, a small 14-year-old handball player from Sanliurfa. “You are a girl, you can’t wear shorts, you can’t play with men, they always excluded me” There was a lot of support for his statement. Super League Club, Merve Akpınar, said, “You are the hope of every girl in Turkey. We are with you and every girl you encourage!” Sports Minister Mehmet Kasapoğlu said Merve and her friends will bear all the costs and build the facility. Meanwhile, a week ago, Minister Casapol met in Sanliurfa.

According to Onur Durmuş news from HalkTV; the “Children of the Sun” handball team, who promised support from many places, will participate in the current semi-final Turkish Handball Championship due to transportation costs and late paperwork. I could not do it.

Governor Sanliurfa Abdullah Erin, She got a lot of attention in her speech in Ankara as a guest of the Turkish Handball Federation and said that the work necessary to build the hall where she is with 14-year-old handball player Merve Akpınar has begun. Sanliurfa’s teammates, who have received a great deal of support, will train. However, the governor found that 5000 TL of aid was provided solely for the regional league.

The coach said they had previously promised to support their team, but they couldn’t go to the Turkish Championship due to financial difficulties. Holiday Kaplan, Said:

“There was a transportation problem. I was in the camp so another friend was going to take the player. I couldn’t compete in the Turkish Championship because I couldn’t find the transportation. Even the league ends the match. Difficult. As a coach, I helped spend my money to complete the league. Merve is our athlete, but we are the only one. There is no Merve. We train together. There are 35-40 kids like her. The village can’t attend the training session. I’m trying to go somewhere with my teacher’s salary. I can’t attend the Turkish Championship because it’s impossible. Participate in this tournament If so, it would be the worst. “


“Family is worried”

Coach Kaplan said:

“Children have a place to go and stay. You can actually stay in the KYK dormitory, but the children’s families are worried. Of course, these children’s families have transportation and accommodation. You have the right to worry when you’re not healthy. Everyone, of course, has to help us. These kids are actually an investment in the future. “We have kids aged 14 to 15 years. Competing with 25 year old athletes. These kids will be a huge success in 3 years. I’m trying to catch. I thought everything for these kids myself. I Talked to Suruç Municipality and said they would support us. “

“Children can eat adana instead of wearing 2000TL shoes.”

“If these kids aren’t supported, they won’t be able to play in the league. I’ll meet these kids’ travel expenses and nutritional needs myself. I also have a family and sometimes I can’t keep up. ..

Huluk Levent also donated 70,000 AIDS to our children. We intended to give this to children as 350TL per month. “Give this money all at once. Get what your kids need,” said Hulk.

Of course, I also received material support. There were people who sent tracksuits, shoes and balls. They sent branded shoes to the children. Our children should not wear 2000TL shoes. Wear 250 lira shoes. When I go to the road, feed the kids adana instead of chicken donors.

When these kids leave, they shouldn’t stay in a dormitory in bad condition, they can stay in a hotel. It’s very difficult for me. Sometimes “Sir, what do you want?” They ask. I am a proud person and do not beg. Those who want to help already understand what we need. “

“Our kids were so small that they couldn’t wear tracksuits.”

Our three kids weren’t wearing tracksuits for training. He said it was incorrect to train without sweatpants. They shyly said, “Sir, tracksuits are too tight for us and we can’t feel comfortable.” Our children received a gift certificate from the store. While we were handing out these cards to the kids, some of our kids told us, “One is enough for me, give it to our other friends. Let’s do it. “