Mehmet Agar is a traitor and is now at the top of the Deep State.

Numerous unsolved murders committed in the 1990s and former special operations police named in the Susuruluk file Aihan Kirkin, 1992 Husametti Yaman and Sonar Gull He said he had killed a college student named after him.Charkin, Former Minister of Interior and Security Meh Meto AgerRegarding “He’s a traitor. He’s currently at the top of the Deep State.” Said.

Çarkın, who spoke to Seda Taşkın from Artı Gerçek before going to jail, explained that he could not hug the child after “killing” Hüsamettin Yaman and Soner Gül and left home. “Their mothers and relatives are waiting in front of Galatasaray High School. I went there a lot and saw them a lot. I’m always in their place. Do justice. It’s cold. Please punish me. “ He called a judge.

Kirkin said:

“It is very disappointing”

“You die every day in your life. I’m very sorry. But I had to. Forgiving me after this time is not the solution. At least that’s what I can say. “

“I would like to say one thing about Mahmut Jurdurum. He also came to me. He said,” Do you come to my team? ” I said, “I have two guns.” We sat at the bottom of the tower. Around 11:00 pm, that year must have been 2002. I said, “Two guns, one for you, one for mine. You and I don’t shoot. I said,” Get out of here now. Green lives in this world. Hope they are. They say they’re sick. Hopefully it will come. The chance to get rid of him is my other side job. Show what is what and what isn’t. Green because he is a bad person. Bad. “

Wheel said he wasn’t dead To Mahmut Jurdurum “This court is now a court that ends bloodshed. It will calm people. Many people are suffering like me. They are afraid. It’s not necessarily a punishment. That’s what. They die, they give an account. Green is one of them. I hope he comes to believe in religion. It’s never too late. He comes and talks. He dies anyway. “ He called.

Chalkin, a special operations police officer who was killed in 2005, which he called “my friend” Oghuz does not get tired And Yorulmaz “threatening” former Interior Minister Mehmet Ağar, a suspect in Ankara’s unsolved murder. Çarkın continued:

“Oguz Yorulmaz was killed. Before I was killed, I said,” Don’t go. ” Oğuz Yolulmaz said something. He threatened Mehmet Ager with what he said. It’s about the subject. He did not explain the subject. “Oghuz, don’t go. This business has a workbench,” he said. “No, my brother called,” he said. He went and died. Just as Cem Ersever died, Oghuz was the victim of a dogfight. They killed my friend. “

Former Special Operations Police Officer Charkin killed in December 2021 Ziya Bandır maliogluHe said:

“I don’t know if there is any guidance about Ziya. But if there is, definitely. Zia because it was important. He was a much more important police officer than me. I’ll tell them This is what I’m talking about. Baklava has 100 slices, 1 slice. Believe me, they have 99 slices. Ayhan Ozkan, Ayhan Akca, Enver Ulu I have it Did not do.

“I was threatened with murder, I was shot, I was burned.”

I was threatened with murder, I was shot, I was burned. God saved me. God protects me. Cannot be executed. I live on the street. I don’t live in a small space like them. I’m on the bus. I’m on a minibus. I go to the market. I live like a normal person. “

“The judge trusts what I say, but he can’t do anything.”

“The judge trusts me, but there’s nothing he can do. He has nothing to do. He’s also a victim of the system. If he does what I say , There will definitely be documents about either the family or relatives of those judges. These judges are specially elected judges. “

“Two students in Güngören who regret having become a murderer. They said;’DHKP-C members searched the team. These are taken. Go somewhere in Thrace. There is an address there. There is an operation. Ayhan Özkan, me, and some others. They have a list of names. They bought from Güngören. There was a problem that day. DHKP-C Fifteen to twenty people attended the table. We went and got them. I also tied their hands. I threw them into a closed van. Ayhan Özkan was with me. Thrace. I went to a place where they knew that place. When I said an operation or something, I said “understood.” I saw my murderer behind me. Put the gun in my hand. I had nothing else to do. I opened his eyes and released his hand. I killed them by telling them, “Today’s world, tomorrow.” I am the one who executed two young men, Hüsamettin Yaman and Soner Gül. I became a murderer that day, and I never forgot it. “

“I couldn’t hug my child after that day.”

“I didn’t go home. After that day, I couldn’t hug the kids. Whenever I did something. They appeared in front of me. I couldn’t. I left my family. I’m not with my family. Everyone said. This is my way. There was a gap between us and my order was confused. I didn’t look back. “

“Their mothers and relatives are waiting in front of Galatasaray High School. I went there a lot and saw them a lot. I’m always in their place. Do justice. My heart Give me punishment to get cold. Give me punishment. I have now separated myself. I am a murderer. I have become a murderer. A former mother of Galatasaray High School. They Eat batons and eat gas every week. They have been there for years. They are humiliated and insulted. I am two murderers there and one of them witnesses.

“Mehmet Ager is a traitor.”

I put down my camera and sit down with my friends. I told you. I have to say this. This is not my truth, but the truth of the country. You are sacrificing your child. My mother is crying when my child comes to the door. All the children in the brick and unpainted houses have died. We all died, one of them sons didn’t go. Don’t ask the other side. Lots of blood, lots of tears. These are vampires. A vampire that eats the blood of our children. One of these vampires is Mehmet Ager. He is currently at the top of the Deep State. Mehmet Ager, the enemy of mankind who can do all kinds of filth. Mehmet Ager is a traitor. I took this out wholesale.Digest installment payments in installments

Charkin called to the court and said,As Ayhan Çarkın, I will curse if the Ankara First Higher Criminal Court concludes this decision, which was overturned by the appeal, again with acquittal. May Allah, angels, and all human curses be on them. He needs to open this case and expand his investigation. He needs to be detained. To stop this bloodshed, he needs to enforce the law and do justice. Where there is no justice, there is injustice. We are sacrificing children in the hands of these dishonest people. We sacrifice for free. “ Said.

What’s wrong?

On December 20, 2013, the Ankara Prosecutor’s Office accused 18 people, including former Interior Ministers Mehmet Eial and Mahmut Yıldırım, of 19 unresolved murders committed in the 90s in Turkey under the code name Yesil. .. “Commit a crime”. He was charged with “killing a person.” The indictment was accepted by the Ankara First Higher Criminal Court and the trial began.

The First Higher Criminal Court of Ankara was acquitted on December 13, 2019. This decision was overturned on April 5, 2021 by the First Criminal Chamber of the Ankara District Court. The Court of Appeals has ruled that material evidence of the case has not been fully investigated. After the decision to capsize, the trial resumed.

In the indictment, the defendant has been charged with a murder of the following names: Abdulmejid Baskin, Namku Erdogan, Metin Vral, Legep Kuzk, Bese Kantuluk, Savash Bourdan, Hashi Karai, Adnan Yıldırım, Ismail Kara Arioul, Yusuf Ekinchi Hikmet Babataş, Medet Serhat, Feyzi Aslan, Lazem Esmaeli, Asker Smitko, Tarık Ümit, Salih Aslan, Faik Candan. The defendants in this case are: Former Interior Minister Mehmet Eian, Former Adviser Aguar Corkut Eken, Former Special Operations Director Ibrahim Shahin, Former Special Operations Police Officer Aihan Charkin, Aihan AXA, Elcan Ersoy, Ahmet Demirel, Aihan Ozkan, Seyfettin Lap, Enver. Ulu, UğurŞahin, Alper Tekdemir, Yusuf Yüksel, Abbas Semih Sueri, Lokman Külünk, Mahmut Yıldırım, Nurettin Güven, Muhsin Korman.

“We committed murder.”

“We committed the murder at that time,” Ayhan Çarkın said in his statement, which influenced the start of an unsolved murder in Ankara. “I want to face the defendant. I want you to investigate the case,” Charkin said.

Ayhan Çarkın was tried in the Istanbul 5th Higher Criminal Court for “attempted murder” in 2018 for an incident involving him and was arrested as part of the case.

According to the minutes of the hearing held on February 26, 2022; in his defense, Chalkin stated that the court had previously acquitted him, which was upheld by an appeal. “But the Court of Cassation unfairly overturned the innocence. I was sentenced by your court to 19 years in prison in accordance with the abolition order. I think the revocation warrant is wrong. The second decision is incorrect. I do not accept the accusations. I do not justify myself. I refer to this injustice first to God and then to you. I am my own. I demand release, “he said.