MEB has allocated a budget of 3 billion lira: 10,000 schools will be built

The Ministry of National Education has implemented the “10,000 Schools in Basic Education Project” with all the necessary preparations to reduce success and equal opportunity between schools and strengthen equal opportunity in education. Within the scope of the project, we aim to open 3,000 kindergartens and 40,000 nurseries within a year. On the other hand, a lot of support will be provided from the infrastructure development of the selected primary school to the enhancement of the educational environment.
The project evaluation meeting was fully prepared and was chaired today by Minister of Education Mahmut Uther. The deputy minister of the Ministry of Education, the general manager, the minister’s adviser, and the director of the national education bureau of 81 states attended the meeting.

2,133 kindergarten plans completed and 7,500 new kindergarten classes opened

By the end of 2022, 3,000 new kindergarten and 40,000 new nursery classes are planned to open to increase access to preschool education, which is the most important part of the project. In this connection, 93 new kindergartens were enrolled. 216 new kindergarten bids have been completed. The investment program included 2,148 new kindergartens. In addition, 7,500 new kindergarten classes have been opened and education has begun. A total of 65 million lira was used, of which 15 million lira was used for repairs and 50 million lira was used for classroom equipment and teaching materials. As a result of these investments, the school enrollment rate, which was 78% in the 5-year-old group, rose to 90% in a short period of time.

7,000 elementary schools include improvements

3000 new kindergartens were built within the scope of the project, but 7,000 primary schools were included in the scope of improvement. The need for small and large-scale repairs in 7,000 primary schools was evaluated. As a first step, within the infrastructure needs of 7,000 elementary schools, the decision to set up computer labs in 1000 elementary schools, general gardening in 2,000 930 elementary schools, 2,000 932 toilets and sinks. Repair elementary school, repairing doors and windows of 2,919 elementary schools, responding to the needs of painting inside and outside.
In addition, 1,764 elementary school heating system updates, 2,376 primary school electrical installation repairs, 2,782 primary school teacher room refurbishment, science, mathematics, and social research teaching material sets sent to 3,000 50 elementary schools, books sent. A set of 1,000 books in a library of 7,000 elementary schools. It was decided to set up music workshops in 601 elementary schools to meet the needs of 2,320 elementary school sporting goods.

Development support for students, teachers and school administrators

A support training program has been prepared to improve the basic skills of all primary school students included in the project. We also conducted first aid awareness training and psychosocial development support training for students. Research has begun to support student participation in cultural, artistic and sporting activities.
Meanwhile, professional and personal development training has been provided for all managers and teachers in 7,000 primary schools. Training for managers and teachers has begun to raise awareness of the project and inform them.

When evaluating the project, Minister of Education Mahmut Uther said:
“The 10,000 schools in the Basic Education Project aim to increase access to preschool education on the one hand and reduce the gap between primary schools to enhance equal opportunity in education on the other hand. We started the project in March, making great progress much faster than planned, especially in terms of increasing access to preschool education, and development for students, teachers and school managers. We have completed the planning of the support program, strengthened the educational infrastructure of the selected 7,000 primary schools, and enriched the educational environment. From now on, this part of the project will be put into practice. And a detailed evaluation of the work to be done in March with a friend. Hopefully the project will be completed by the end of December. A colleague, 81, who put a lot of effort into realizing the project. We thank state board members, school managers, teachers, and all interested parties. “

sauce: UAV