Mbaye Diagne: Galatasaray does not need a striker


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Regarding being injured in the Medipole Basakshehir match, Diagne said, “Everyone has already seen what the screen is injured. It happened on the field when I played against Basakshehir during the match. Frankly speaking. I didn’t know why. It was a strange injury. Of course, we work as soccer players, but everything else. “That’s not our job. Such an injury. Can happen. At this point, God’s work is unimpeded, and we continue. “

“I’ve never missed a training so far away.”

A Senegalese striker stated that six months had passed since he was injured, “It was a very difficult process. During this process, I went to a Senegalese family. I got and started studying. I came here later. To keep working. It wasn’t an easy process, it was a very “difficult process. Especially during the first 3 months, I needed to move a lot. There wasn’t. But Alham Driller, now I can work again. I will train together. With the team. I have never missed training so far. Training like this I want to continue and get a good start to the season. “

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“We will see new diagnoses in the new season.”


Recalling that Diagne had a good start last season, “We had a good start in both the league and the Europa League, but of course our coaches were deciding who would play and who wouldn’t. Of course, from my point of view, I tried to do my job well. Like the other strikers. The three were always trying to do well in training. But the coaches are highly regarded. Soccer is like that. You’re ready both physically and mentally. You just have to work hard within the team. This period has passed. It’s a new page. It’s new for the new season. You will see the diagne. I am preparing for the new season, both physically and mentally. “”

“I want to return to the top form again”

Pointing out that a new era has begun in Galatasaray, Mbaye Diagne said, “There are new coaches, new presidents, new sporting directors, new players. But when you look at it, you are experienced. Again, these experiences. I need to keep working on. I have no problem with anyone. I will continue to work hard and study as much as I can. And I want to return to a high level again. I have played for many years, not to mention the Turkish League. I’m a league and I’m familiar with this league. I haven’t been able to show my full potential yet. “I couldn’t show it because of my injury, but I’ll continue. And of course, we. Coach will decide who will go to the field. “

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“As a head, mentally I am devoted to Galatasaray in every way.”

The 30-year-old striker said no one had a problem, “There are five strikers here, but don’t be afraid, because you’re already competing for the rest of your life. This is a natural process, just like Galatasaray. So I think we need at least 4 strikers. Earlier there was Falcao, there was Haril, there was Mohamed here. We’re adding two more this year. We’re here to do our best yet. I’m a Galatasaray contract player. I’ve been here for another year. I have a contract. I’m devoted to Galatasaray in every aspect, both mentally and mentally.

“I will win everything I need to earn in Turkey. I want to win again.”

Recalling that he spent all his time playing in Kasimpasa, Diagne said, “I came here in the middle of the season and my goal was championships and cups. Obviously what I have to do. And scored. Frankly, the teacher told me that two things are very important to me. I want him to be confident and give his coach time. No one should doubt his heart. Looking at the past, of course, he had the highest score. Here in Turkey, he has won everything he needs to win. He has won the League Cup and the Turkey Cup. Most “I won the title. I became a foreign goal scorer. And now the new season is about to begin. I am preparing and have the same desire to win again. To the championship. I have a thirst for support and trust. ”I used the phrase.

“I have to play, I’m a player I wear as I play”

Diagne said he couldn’t reach the desired time before he was injured. “When I saw that, the forward line changed every week. It changed not only in the league but also in the Europa League. I was playing Haril, Mohammed was playing, but I don’t need to talk much about this. No, frankly. I think I did my best, and I always worked positively when I was sitting in the club, but as I said, I have to play forward. I’m a player who opens up as I play. I think it’s the best striker in Turkey. It’s one of the successes to see. You can see it. Everyone knows the quality of my scoring. Goals and if I want to I know I can achieve it. “

“We are a good step forward and we don’t have to get anyone else.”

When asked about the team’s shortcomings, the Senegalese striker said, “I’m not a coach, so I don’t say anything about whether a part of the team is missing. I’m not in a position to evaluate this, but in Galatasaray. It wasn’t easy to score a goal because the ball didn’t arrive as expected, and at the end of the day it was usually me and others who couldn’t score. Looking at last year, it was actually a failure for the whole team. It’s a mistake to say one or two. This year we need to fix it together as a team. I can take the midfielder, I’m what about that. Not to mention, as a forward line, whether it’s Mohamed or Gomis, we’re good forwards and I don’t think we need to hire anyone else. Looking at Gomis’s history, he’s a great forward. His success here is clear. The same is true for Mohammed. We need a player who can only transfer the ball from the wing or midfield. We need to. “

“I’m not afraid of anything, I know how to get to the goal in Turkey”

“How many goals do you think you will score this season,” Diagne said of the DHA reporter’s question. “Of course, I can’t answer this question for now, because the number of goals here is entirely dependent on the number of matches I play. I say 20 goals, I’m 10. I play a match. Of course, I can’t reach this goal. As a striker, I need time on the field. But I’m not afraid of anything. I know how to score a goal in Turkey. I know. You have to keep studying. When you play Galatasaray, you always have a chance to score goals. There are also high quality wings like Kerem and Eunus. In other words, you don’t score 10 or 12 goals in 20 games. Why?

“Gay is like my brother, we didn’t tell him about Galatasaray.”

Diagne, who made a statement about whether he met Idrissa Gueye, a Senegalese midfielder, said, “Of course I know him. He looks like my brother. I played with him on the national team. Same in Senegal. In the city, even when I went to Paris, Naimer told me. He invited me to the pictures I took with him. We went with him that night. I think he’s a good player. He thinks he’ll be okay if he comes to Garata Sarai. But I never met him. I hope he comes here. Frankly, I wasn’t told anything by Garata Sarai. Ask me anything about him. I thought it was almost fake news. I hope Galata Sarai will take care of him. It’s good for me that he’s here too. He’s like my brother, “he said.

“Galatasaray fans were greatly supported by me during my difficult times.”

The 30-year-old striker said he had a strong bond with Galatasaray fans, saying, “They love me and I love them very much. They also support me a lot in difficult times. I think they are fans of Galatasaray, they give everything to Galatasaray, so they give life. We are very pleased with their interests. Wishing a happy holiday from here. We want you to continue to support us in the new season. “

“I love taking care of young people, we are like a family here.”

Olimpiu Morutan emphasized that he was like his brother, and Mbaye Diagne said, “I think he’s a good person. Frankly, I like to behave naturally and like myself. I also take care of young people. I like to do it. Someone who thinks there needs to be a brother and teach me. Hamza “It doesn’t make much difference if there is a difference of 8-10 years old. We are brothers here and It’s like a family. Soccer will end someday, of course. After soccer, I just want to build good relationships and collect good memories. “

“My mission is to help others.”

Diagne, who helped and needed the people of Senegal, said, “I grew up in a poor family. I grew up in a non-rich family. And there were bad times, but God always helped me. Ask anyone in Dakar. His family is always trying to help children who have no mother or father. It’s like the purpose of my life and this When I was a kid, I always wanted God to help me, so I left my family when I was young. I worked outside Senegal and now I’m always asked by others. Whether it’s a ticket or not, I’m always asking for help and trying to help them make a living. “

“We have the best defenders and goalkeepers in Turkey.”

Finally, Diagne said that the defenders who challenged him most in the Super League were Marcos and Luyindama. “Of course, the defenders are Marcos and Luyindama. I scored goals for all the Turkish teams except these defenders. I’m always smart when I walk outside. In a way, I walk here. I know what I’m doing in. I think I’ve scored 54 goals in 78 games, so the result is clear. So I can say I have the best defenders., Marcos and Luyindama. When training with them , No other defender can stop you. You are already a very good player with them. Of course, as goalkeepers, we have the best goalkeepers. Muslera is controversial. No, it’s Okan. We have the best defenders and the best goalkeepers in Turkey. “