May 19th was enthusiastically celebrated in Bursa

Young people who had a good vacation at the “esports” and “street basketball” tournaments as part of the Bursa Youth Festival had an unforgettable night at the “Rainmen” concert at Yunuseri Airport. “Young people in Bursa are experiencing the benefits and differences of being young,” said Alinur Aktaş, Mayor of Metropolitan.

May 19th, Ataturk Youth Sports Day Anniversary will be celebrated in Bursa this year with a comprehensive program. Young people enjoy vacations in organizations ranging from theaters to concerts, enjoying a week-long activity. Young people competed fiercely at the “Esports Tournament” held at the Merinos Ataturk Congress Culture Center as part of the Bursa Youth Festival. In a tournament where the excitement wasn’t lost for a moment, the team showed that all skills were the best. He said it was fun to hold a special esports tournament, which has received a lot of attention in recent years, and thanked him for having a good time in the Bursa metropolitan area in commemoration of Ataturk Youth Sports Day on May 19. Represented.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş also watched the final round of the tournament with the youth. Sitting on the floor cushions and watching the adrenaline-filled struggle, Aktash received a lot of attention from the young people who filled the venue. After chatting with the players who made it to the finals, President Aktash headed to the computer and took part in a brave battle. In the tournament, where the match was projected on a huge screen, the youngsters prepared a surprise for President Aktash’s birthday and cut the cake together. At the end of the tournament, the first prize was 5,000 TL, the second prize was 3,000 TL, the third prize was 2,000 TL, and the fourth prize was 1,000 TL.

Within the Bursa Youth Festival, a “Street Basketball Tournament” was held at Huda Bendiger City Park. At the tournament, where young people showed great interest, basketball players showed their talents and received great applause from the citizens who filled the field. In a tournament where 44 teams from four categories competed fiercely, young people added color to the event by making difficult moves. Prizes were given to the winning team.

The series of concerts at Yunuseri Airport followed Rainmen’s performance after Bilal Sons. At a concert attended by thousands of young people, a famous phenomenon broke records on social media such as “Let me be introuble,” “Bonita,” “Leila,” and “Ela” for Bursa residents. Sang. While the young people who filled the area were singing all at once, they had a good night with the rhythm of the music.

“Youth happiness excites us”

Alinur Aktaş, Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan, said he was very enthusiastic about celebrating the 103rd anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s arrival in Samsung. Celebrating all young people on May 19th to commemorate Ataturk Youth Sports Day, President Attash is an environment where young people can meet violently and celebrate their holidays to the fullest, apart from the classic holiday ceremonies. Said that it created. The metropolitan area is thinking about 365 days of youth and considers the period from May 14th to 22nd as “youth week”, said Mayor Aktash. We have planned many events, from the Metropolitan Sports Festival to debate tournaments, from the EYT-AYT recampus to street basketball and concerts. We shared the excitement of young people in esports tournaments. Five teams and 100 teams competed for the most popular esports these days. We bring the excitement of young people to different parts of the city. Seeing the happiness of young people makes us even more excited about the future. “

“The work contains 600,000 young people.”

The Bursa Metropolitan municipality explained that it is promoting various projects for young people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the mayor of Aktash was unable to develop scholarship-related methods in many parts of Turkey. However, BURS KOOP. President Aktash has stated that he is in communication with young people at any time of the day through the Youth Club, saying: We hold workshops, conferences and concerts to prepare young people for the future. We continue to add color and value to the lives of young people. Young people are our priority. We do work practically, not words. Bursa youth experience the benefits and differences of being young. All of our activities include 600,000 young people, “he said.

Mehmet Can Beloren Manager

News 7-Mehmet Can Belören