Materials manufactured for special education application schools with 20 trailers

Materials manufactured for special education application schools with 20 trailers

Minister of National Education Mahmut Uther participated in the “Program for Promotion of Skills Practice Fields and Distribution of Materials in Special Education Practice Schools”.

Lessons Lessons Minister of Education Mahmut Uzer, who participated in the “Promotion of Technical Intern Training Fields and Teaching Material Distribution Program Established in Special Education Training Schools” held at the Education Training Center, has been the ministry of all education levels in the past 19 years. We have made a large investment to increase the school enrollment rate in Japan.

Emphasizing the rising enrollment rate in special education in this context, Özer said that special education schools have never been forgotten in terms of equal opportunity in education. “Approximately 367,000 special education students receive all kinds of services through inclusion / integration in both special education kindergartens, special education practice schools and special education vocational schools,” said Özer. increase. He said.

The Ministry of Education has stated that it has focused on special education kindergartens, especially in recent years, to enhance the capabilities of the services provided in special education, Özer said. As of 2021, it is a kindergarten in 81 states and was previously only available in 28 states. “There are no states without special education kindergartens. We are running a special education campaign this year. Remember special education. In this sense, we have 23 special education kindergartens up and running. As a result, we have increased the number of special education kindergartens to 135. In 2022, we added 165 special education kindergartens to our investment program. There will be 300 special education kindergartens in operation in 81 states. “

“Distributed 517,000 special education materials to all schools.”

Özer pointed out that the ministry has also focused on creating special materials in recent years, “within the scope of special materials, we have provided 517,000 special materials to all schools in the last four years. -Children project sponsored by Mr. Erdogan. We take it out. “Shared his knowledge.

Minister Özer said a new project was launched by the Directorate General of Special Education and Guidance Services, creating new areas to improve children’s practical and life skills in five areas of skill practice.

Özer said 20 trucks will deliver 210,971 materials to special education practice schools in 20 states: “Taking care of animals, from visual arts to music, horticulture to sports to increased physical activity. So far, we have carried about 250,000 materials to our state with 20 trucks sending to 20 states today. “He said.

“We aim to introduce at least one skill practice area to all other special education practice areas,” said Özer, noting that he plans to update his goals after June. He said.

“The Ministry of Education does not purchase special education materials from outside.”

Keeping in mind that the National Ministry of Education is now able to meet its own needs, Ozel said, “The National Ministry of Education does not purchase special education materials from outside. We are here to manufacture course equipment. The Center is producing educational materials. It has been working hard for many years. At the same time, our vocational high school, which has been increasing its production capacity in recent years, is doing its best to teach materials of all educational levels. Meet the needs of the people, “he said.

Özer said: “We started a library-less schoolless project with the help of Mrs. Our aim was to reduce the difference in opportunities between schools. In two months, 16,361 schools. A library was built in. There was no library. By activating the production capacity of our vocational high school, an average of 272 libraries were built every day.

Our vocational school manufactured all the materials ourselves, from furniture to furniture. When we increase our national production capacity, we have the opportunity to use resources efficiently and eliminate defects quickly. As the National Ministry of Education, I would like to work on improving this ability every day. “

Özer thanked everyone who contributed to the success of this project and hoped it would be a useful resource for special children.

After the speech, Ozel visited the driving range and chatted with the children.

At the end of the program, Minister Ozel said goodbye to the truck carrying the materials, with the accompanying delegation, with the children receiving special education.

Meanwhile, in a message to the ceremony, Mrs. Emine Erdogan, wife of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, thanked everyone who contributed to the project and said: Scientific development in the field for children in need of special education will also improve the educational environment. The number of teaching materials is increasing day by day, increasing the efficiency of educators and strongly supporting the achievements of students.

It is very important that children in need of special education can maintain their lives as independent individuals. At this point, thank you for the preparation of the “Skills Application Area” that provides the opportunity to learn through practice and experience. The skills they acquire in many areas, from visual arts to sports, also help children discover their potential. “