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As long as I can remember myself, I was thinking not only about the beauty of the game, but also about the path to results.

What I thought I knew about football four years ago is now ridiculous. Today, I’m discussing the rules of football, which claim to be “indisputable” first and foremost. I’m trying to profit from every detail I find useful about football.

I have been writing basketball and soccer articles for over 8 years as an amateur or professional. I’m trying to make each one better than the previous one, and I’m trying to think in parallel with the best coaches in these sports.

I can confidently say that the examples I learned in my life were not as informative as Ancelotti in 2022.

Real Madrid has very big players and staff with many problems.

The team doesn’t have a writeback that you can count on on the set, triple your defenses, and act as an additional midfielder if needed. Carvajal, who has made good use of the corridors over the past few years, has made a big step back. In addition, the “lack of wings” that will be explained shortly raises the possibility of offensive support.

The team has no reliable highball defender other than Edel Militao. Defenders with Militao, especially Alaba, have little habit of contacting and breaking strikers. This situation makes it suitable for teams to score goals from the middle of the edge.

A trio of Casemiro-Modric-Kroos that can dominate the ball in the midfield and not lose the strength of the midfield. This trio is less dynamic than it was four years ago, and is less stiff, especially because of the close. To tolerate this, you can increase midfield support by throwing Valverde on the right wing, but this time we will weaken it with a set attack.

The team does not have a guaranteed right winger. Barberde increases the center stiffness I mentioned and makes it very functional, especially in target matches, but when Real Madrid is looking for a goal, his presence on the right wing is a burden. Ballet is not completely spinning due to the current situation. Asensio also shows no explosiveness and writes a minus in all games that do not take high quality shots.

Rodrigo is the most efficient and aggressive player here, but as a right-footed player, neither he himself nor the back playing on the right line can open the lane. This makes the game very tight in the first 11 games. That is the main reason why Ancelotti pushed it to the limit.

In fact, Real Madrid has only one plan that works every week. Knocked on Benzema, defeated the defender who came with him, and ran Vinicius Jr. in a space cleared by a French star …

Given the long-standing saturation, it is not easy to turn such a team into a champion again. Unlike teams such as Manchester City and Liverpool, which have been built over the years, Real Madrid cannot play games that establish control regardless of cult or rival. For this reason, they always need proper opponent analysis and proper in-game movement.

Here’s the part that named this article and reminds me of the excellent coaching class that impressed me and many football fans around the world throughout the season: Carlo’s Master Class …

Ancelotti used a pattern similar to the Champions League final in the first leg of the Paris Saint-Germain match, but Carvajal’s performance was so poor that he brought a clear deficit to his opponent. From here, the French team, who scored a penalty and a goal, gained an advantage at Bernabeu and entered the changing room 1-0.

In the second half of the match, PSG, unlike the first half, took the approach of killing time and tempo by holding the ball. To level everything in Real Madrid, we had to score at least two goals. Therefore, I attacked the opposite goal. Carlo didn’t do that.

The biggest problem with PSG throughout the season was that when I got the ball, I couldn’t move faster in Zone 3. The ball was lost in a short time because there was no center forward where two players were waiting for the ball in comfort zones such as Neymar and Messi. The situation was similar in Bernabeu. Ancelotti made a radical decision in the 57th minute of the match.

After leaving Claus and Asensio and defending Rodrigo and Camavinga, Don Carlo saw Pochettino’s dominant replay increase both his power and the threat of a counterattack. In a sense, he started chasing the running area, waiting for his opponent in the middle block of the round, which was two goals behind.

As a result, Real Madrid put the round in their pocket, scoring a total of three goals, one from the press and two from the counterattack, against the opponent with the ball problem.

Chelsea, who played in the quarter-finals, had a side-stop problem from the beginning of the season.

Kristensen played on the right side of the trio, but was too clumsy to fit the opposite wing. Further to his right, Reece James had to come forward as the number one weapon to expand his charge. This meant an opportunity for Vinicius.

During the match, Benzema knocked to the left and pulled the defender behind him into the hallway. Here he used the ball behind Kristensen to open the Vinicius running area. Kristensen lags behind and the two big offensive guns catch the 2v1 match and finally score.

At some point, Tuhel pushed Reece James to the left in an attempt to limit the threat here. Here, there was a distance issue with Azpilikueta on the reverse foot, and Real Madrid’s second goal came from the left opening of Chelsea’s defense. The advantage of turning the rematch nightmare into a round was the great play in London.

The Manchester City Tour, which seemed very difficult on paper, began to turn into a realistic possibility with Kyle Walker’s injury.

Walker is the best transitional defender in the world, but a full back that can triple the defense when his team is attacking. Therefore, Rodri, the only center in the midfield, and Cancelo, the fakeback on the left, do not have to lag behind the attack. The absence of Walker poses a major problem for Manchester City in both set and counter attack defenses.

In this way, Real Madrid opened the way back with a reasonable score from Etihad’s away game, which scored dozens of positions and scored four goals. Especially after the Stones injury and Fernandino’s move to fullback, the match was in the shape that Vinissius Jr. wanted.

Despite its epic scenario, Return Match is at the top of the coach’s touch I’ve been most impressed with.

With a 70-minute rock and Mahrez goal, the tour came primarily to Manchester City. At the same time, Kyle Walker was injured. Manchester City, who couldn’t hold the ball in Zone 3 at the time due to Walker’s absence, couldn’t destroy the opponent’s game, but had a counterattack weapon on the field. Ancelotti made a very bold decision to give up Modric, Kroos and Casemiro.

In the final part of the game, the midfield of Real Madrid and the attack line were split in a 2×4 way. The most dynamic members of the midfield rotation, Valverde and Camavinga, were tasked with avoiding the threat of potential passes and winning the second ball. Asensio shot in front of them, and Rodrigo, added to the attack line, poses a +1 threat to the defense of the city, weakened by Walker’s exit.

The point at which Camavinga intercepted the ball on Real Madrid’s first goal was usually the point where Walker did not fly for 70 minutes. When Benzema turned the ball, Rodrigo was in the goal area, increasing the attack line. The same Rodrigo was the leading actor in the second and third goals.

And last … for me, the target is a more dangerous opponent than Manchester City. Liverpool …

Liverpool’s oppressive power, level of athletic performance, and speed of attack line movement were incredible. However, there were two standard points in the scenario where Klopp’s team had problems over the last few seasons. It is the lack of a tall forward against close defense and the weakness of defense by Alexander Arnold.

The first intention is already clear, let’s talk about the second.

Gareth Southgate preferred to use England a little conservatively and proved this with his understanding of the game regarding the choice of the EURO 2020 national team. According to him, his team could not show weakness in defense or physical struggle, they managed to score a goal.

At EURO 2020, Southgate did not include Trent Alexander Arnold. Arnold was invited again when this situation had a major impact, but this time he was unable to participate in the tournament due to an injury. In fact, there is only one reason it wasn’t considered by Southgate in the first place. Not an elite defender.

Despite his infinite productivity in attacks, torrents pose an obvious threat to the enemy, especially in transitional attacks. In most cases, he takes the wrong position or does not chase his opponent. Trents are usually tolerated by midfielders and athletic right centre-backs playing near the right line. In fact, there are many examples of right-back Joe Gomez mounted in a game where the crop spins in the center or midfield.

In the final, Real Madrid couldn’t cover the midfield with the ball and defenders couldn’t keep up with what Liverpool could do in the widefield. With a solid goalkeeper like Courtois at hand, I had only one thing to do. Despite the defensive problems, he gathered behind and widened the field where Valverde and Vinicius were completely on the line, capturing Trent’s weaknesses.

That’s exactly what happened in 59 minutes.

Confidently stealing the first ball by deepening Modric, Real Madrid spread the game to the right and Valverde stuck to the touchline completely. At that moment, Vini Jr., who was moving from the line on the left, hung behind Trent. Great passes, torrent watches, and championship goals …

With an unprecedented comeback and outstanding personal performance, we’re talking about a story-filled championship from start to finish. Of course, changing the fate of a moment will end the whole story before it begins.

However, it is impossible not to give the maximum share to a master like Ancelotti who makes a difference with the touch of a coach every second on the road to victory.

Pochettino, Tuhel, Guardiola, Klopp … If you can definitely declare the Premier League “the best league in the world” today, these must be the top four coaches who provide this for football today. ..

From start to finish, they all took the legendary Italian master class.

All we have to do is increase the praise for Don Carlos …